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The Czech Republic is one of the staunchest supporters of the Cuban democratic movement. From ex president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Vaclav Havel who amongst other things supported the Nobel Prize for Paya, over ministers in the current government do not shy away from participating in protests against human rights abuses in Cuba. A Czech friend once told me: "We know what it is like from our own experience. That is why we understand and care."

Within the European Union the Czech Republic is also one of the states that continues to raise awareness about the human rights situation in Cuba. It is also one of the states that urges for a stronger line towards the Castro regime.

This support has earned the Czech Republic the wrath of the Castro regime. In 2006 the Czech diplomat Stanislav Kazecky was expelled. This came after the Czech model Helena Houdova was arrested in Cuba for taking pictures of the slums of Havana as part of her work to help children all over the world. The police arrested her and tried to confiscate her pictures. They did get her film, but she succeeded to hide a digital camera card in her bra.

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