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World news about Cuba. Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times.

Sun, 27 May 2018 19:52:04 +0000

05/23/2018 07:21 PM
Pompeo Says Mysterious Sickness Among Diplomats in Cuba Has Spread to China
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that a diplomat stationed in Guangzhou, China, suffered the same ills as those attacked in Havana.
05/23/2018 02:49 PM
First Cuba, Now China? An American Falls Ill After ‘Abnormal’ Sounds
The State Department said a U.S. government employee posted in Guangzhou had signs of possible brain injury. But it has not identified a cause.
05/19/2018 05:19 PM
Hand-Me-Down Plane That Crashed Reflects a Cuban Air Industry in Crisis
The 39-year-old plane is a powerful symbol of the troubled aviation industry. As tourism surges, Cuba’s national airline struggles to buy planes and maintain its fleet.
05/18/2018 07:32 PM
More Than 100 Die as Aging Cuban Airliner Crashes
The plane, a nearly 40-year-old Boeing 737, went down moments after departing Havana’s international airport.
04/22/2018 11:37 PM
More Black Officials in Power in Cuba as Leadership Changes
Despite progress on racial disparity in Cuba, black Cubans fare worse. A decision to select more black Cubans for the highest levels of government sends a signal.
04/21/2018 06:00 PM
Cubans Doubt a Change at the Top Will Bring Change at the Bottom
On the streets of Havana, the passing of power out of the hands of the Castro family was met with a collective sense of apathy.
04/20/2018 05:28 PM
To Be a Star Carlos Acosta Had to Leave Cuba. Maybe His Dancers Won’t Have To.
Mr. Acosta, the international ballet star, has started Acosta Danza, a Cuban contemporary-meets-ballet troupe that makes its U.S. debut this week.
04/19/2018 04:44 PM
Fidel Died and Raúl Resigned, but Castros Still Hold Sway in Cuba
Stalwarts and heirs of the Communist revolution will help support — and scrutinize — Cuba’s new president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.
04/19/2018 03:26 PM
Who Is Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuba’s New President?
Most expect Cuba’s new president to be a leader of continuity after Raúl Castro. But he also has to figure out how to resuscitate Cuba’s economy.
04/19/2018 11:00 AM
Cubans in Florida Have Waited to See Castros Go, but No One Is Celebrating
There’s a sense of wistfulness among aging Cuban exiles in Miami: Cuba will no longer be led by a Castro. But they don’t expect real change anytime soon.


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