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The View from Miami.

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After Castro: The View from Miami
First broadcast April 2006
Fidel Castro and map of Florida, US
Fidel Castro has been the undisputed leader of the Cuban revolution since it triumphed in 1959.  

But 'el comandante' is now close to 80, and there is increasing debate on the island and in the United States -where some two million Cuban-Americans live- as to what will happen when he is no longer in charge.

Nick Caistor has travelled to Cuba and to Miami to hear what Cubans think will happen After Castro...

Part Two: The View from Miami

Cubans who have left the island and crossed the Florida Straits are also discussing what they think should happen back home once Castro has gone.

Some of them still think armed intervention is the only way to bring 'democracy'.

Others argue that it is through a process of dialogue and eventual reconciliation that change and progress can come.

Still others are already planning to invest on the island once it has opened its markets to their products.

For all of them Cuba and the figure of Fidel Castro remain central to their lives.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration has appointed a 'transition co-ordinator' to push forward its own plans for the future of Cuba, with the aim of ending what it calls '47 years of brutal dictatorship'.

Just how far is the US government prepared to go in pushing for a regime change?

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