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Cuba Verdad information on human right abuses and repression in Cuba by the regime of Fidel Castro

The pictures on the right show children killed when the "13 de Marzo" was sunk.

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13 de marzo tugboat massacre by Fidel Castro
13 de marzo tugboat massacre Newsfeed
13 de marzo tugboat massacre: video of memorial repression
2002 amendment of the Cuban constitution
75 dissidents imprisoned in March 2003

A Stroll Along Havana's Malecon
Access to medicines in Cuba
Acto de Repudio Newsfeed
Acto de Repudio Videos
A Cuban punishment cell Prison conditions in Cuba
After Castro Part 1: View from Cuba - Audio
After Castro Part 2: View from Miami - Audio
Agriculture in Cuba Newsfeed
Amnesty International Cuba Newsfeed
Beatriz Roque Page
Apartheid in Cuba
Apartheid in Cuba Newsfeed
Argentina Newsfeed

Bahamas Newsfeed
Balseros - Rafters Newsfeed
BBC Cuba Newsfeed
Beatriz Roque Page
Beatriz Roque Newsfeed
Belgium Newsfeed
Belize Newsfeed
Bibliotecas Independientes Newsfeed
Oscar Elias Biscet Newsfeed
Bignews Newsfeed
Bitacora Cubana Newsfeed
Blogs on Cuba
Bohemia Newsfeed
Bolivia Newsfeed
Brazil Newsfeed

Camaguey Province Newsfeed
Caribbean Net News Newsfeed
Canada Newsfeed
Carcel en Cuba Newsfeed

Cayman Islands Newsfeed
CDR Newsfeed

Che: anatomy of a myth

Children of Cuba Newsfeed
Chile Newsfeed
Cienfuegos Province Newsfeed
China Newsfeed
Colombia Newsfeed
Communist Party of Cuba Newsfeed
Congoo Cuba Newsfeed
Corruption in Cuba Newsfeed
Costa Rica Newsfeed
Crime of Associating with Others to Commit Crimes

Crime of Damage to the Independence of the State

Crime of Dangerousness

Crime of Dangerousness Newsfeed

Crime of Disrespect / Desacato

Crime of Disrespect / Desacato Newsfeed

Crime of Dissemination of "false" information

Crime of Enemy Propaganda

Crime of Enemy Propaganda Newsfeed

Crime of Illicit Association

Crime of Illicit Association Newsfeed

Crime of Resistance

Crime of Resistance Newsfeed

Crime under Law 88
Crime under Law 88 Newsfeed
Cuba cell phone GSM
Cuba human rights repression information
Cuba May 20
Cuba Trade Union History
Cubafacts on repression in Cuba
Cuba Nuestra Newsfeed
Cuban Cigars how to spot fakes
Cuban Constitution Constitucion Cubana
Cuban Constitution English version
Cuban electoral law
Cuban government members
Cubahora Newsfeed
Cubanet News archive
Cubanet English Newsfeed
Cubanet Spanish Newsfeed
Cubantrip Newsfeed
Cubasi Newsfeed
Cubaverdad Newsfeed
Cuenta Propria Newsfeed
Czech Republic Newsfeed

Damas de Blanco - Ladies in White
Damas de Blanco - Ladies in White Newsfeed
Dengue in Cuba Newsfeed
Derechos Humanos en Cuba Newsfeed
Democracy in Cuba or the absence of freedom
Discrimination Newsfeed
Dissidents in Cuba Newsfeed
Doctors (MD) in Cuba Newsfeed
Dominica Newsfeed
Dominican Republic Newsfeed

Earth Times Newsfeed
Earth Times Press Releases on Cuba Newsfeed
Economy Newsfeed
Ecuador Newsfeed
Education and indoctrination in Cuba
Education in Cuba as part of social control
El Economista Newsfeed

El Habanero Newsfeed
El Nuevo Herald Newsfeed
El Salvador Newsfeed
Elections in Cuba the facts behind the lies
Enlace Cuba Newsfeed
Oscar Espinosa Chepe Newsfeed
Escambray Digital Newsfeed

European Union Newsfeed

Fidel Castro Newsfeed
"Finding Mañana" details of the Cuban Exodus
Flamur - Con la misma moneda
For Cubans, a bitter pill
France Newsfeed
Free Trade Unions in Cuba workers representation
Freedom of movement in Cuba
Freedom of movement in Cuba Newsfeed
Freedom of Religion in Cuba Newsfeed
Freedom of speech in Cuba human rights violated
Freedom of speech in Cuba Newsfeed
French Press (French)

Gay Homosexual in Cuba Newsfeed
Generacion Y Blog Newsfeed
Genocide by Fidel Castro in Cuba
Germany Newsfeed
Google RSS Newsfeed
Google (ES) RSS Newsfeed)
Grenada Newsfeed
Granma (Es) Newsfeed
Granma Nacional Newsfeed
Granma Province Newsfeed
Guantanamo Province Newsfeed
Guatemala Newsfeed
Guillermo Cabrera Infante - in memoriam
Guillermo Farinas News feed

Haiti Newsfeed
Halperin, Maurice
Hasta cuando, Coma Andante? by Rey el Vikingo
Havana Journal Newsfeed
Havana Province Newsfeed
Hitchhiking in Cuba
Holguin Province Newsfeed
Honduras Newsfeed
Housing in Cuba Video
HRW Report
Huevos videos about Cuba
Human Rights in Cuba reports from human rights organizations
Human Rights in Cuba Newsfeed
Human Rights Watch Newsfeed
Hunger in Cuba Newsfeed
Husbands for sale

IACHR Report on elections in Cuba
Imprisoned Independent Journalists
Improper conduct: video
Independent Journalists
Independent Journalists Newsfeed
Independent Libraries in Cuba or how Castro abuses freedom of speech
Independent Libraries Newsfeed
Independent Libraries: BBC Radio Five report
Internet Newsfeed
In Site Archive
Is Castro a millionaire? - Part 1
Is Castro a millionaire? - Part 2
Isla de la Juventud Province Newsfeed
It's our problem too
Italy Newsfeed

Jamaica Newsfeed
Japan Newsfeed
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva Newsfeed
Juventud Rebelde English Newsfeed
Juventud Rebelde Spanish Newsfeed

Kilo Prisons

La Jiribilla Newsfeed
La patria es de todos
Las Torturas de Castro Video
Las Tunas Province Newsfeed
Life in Cuba
Life of a dissident
Links to sites on human rights in Cuba
List of Independent Journalist and Agencies
Los Muertos de Castro
Locate a Cuban town
Luces y sombras TVE video

Machinery of repression in Cuba
Maps of Cuba
Matanzas Province Newsfeed
Medicos en Cuba Newsfeed
Mexico Newsfeed
Miami Herald Newsfeed
Migration Cuba Newsfeed
Miscelaneas de Cuba Newsfeed
Monte Rouge video satire
Moreover News Newsfeed
MSN Newsfeed

News Archives
New York Times Newsfeed
New Zeeland Herald Newsfeed
Nicaragua Newsfeed

Pacto de Caracas

Pax Christi Cuba Report: Tourism

Panama Newsfeed

Paraguay Newsfeed

Paya Page

Paya Newsfeed

Periodico 26 News feed

Periodico 26 English Newsfeed
Peru Newsfeed

Picture Gallery on freedom in Cuba
Pinar del Rio Province Newsfeed

Political Prisoners Newsfeed

Prensa Latina English Newsfeed
Prensa Latina Spanish Newsfeed
Press Archive Cubaverdad
Primavera Negra - Black Spring
Primavera Negra - Black Spring News feed
Prison conditions
Prison list
Prisoners of conscience in Cuba Newsfeed
Prisons in Cuba Newsfeed
Prison revolt
Prison revolt
Propaganda cartoon aimed at children
Prostitution in Cuba Newsfeed
Puerto Rico Newsfeed

Racism in Cuba Newsfeed
Radio Cadena Agramonte Newsfeed
Radio Surco Newsfeed
Rationing in Cuba Newsfeed
Raul Castro Newsfeed
Raul Rivero Newsfeed
Rene Gomez Manzano Newsfeed
Represion en Cuba Newsfeed (es)
Repression in Cuba Newsfeed (en)
Repressive Laws in Cuba abusing human rights
Research sites with information on Cuba
RSF Cuba Images
RSF on Cuba Newsfeed
RSS Newsfeeds
RSS Official Press
Russia Newsfeed

Salud en Cuba Newsfeed
Salud Publica en Cuba Newsfeed
Sam Dolgoff
Sanchez Elizardo Newsfeed
Sancti Spiritus Province Newsfeed
Santiago de Cuba Province Newsfeed
Santos and Ferrero's Castro Call
Santos and Ferrero's Chavez Call
Sex tourism in Cuba Newsfeed
Sigler Amaya Newsfeed
Site Archive
Site Map Cubaverdad
Site Search
Sociedad Civil - Civil Society Newsfeed
Sociedad Cubana Newsfeed
Social Control
Spain Newsfeed

Stalinist System
Students punished for "illegal" internet access
Sugar Newsfeed
Sun Sentinel Newsfeed
Sweden Newsfeed

Systematic Repression of Dissent Cuba

The CDR first line in the totalitarian repression system in Cuba
The Cuban revolution the truth behind the lies
The Homeland belongs to Us All
The link between East Germany's Stasi and Cuba
The system of repression of human rights in Cuba
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Tobacco Newsfeed
Torture in Cuba
Torture in Cuba Newsfeed
Tourism in Cuba Newsfeed
Transport in Cuba videos
Tourism Apartheid in Cuba Newsfeed
Travel Information on Cuba

UMAP Cuba's concentration camps Newsfeed
Union Rights in Cuba violated every day
United States of America
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
UPEC Newsfeed
Uruguay Newsfeed

Vanguardia (Cu) Newsfeed
Varela Project
Varela Project Newsfeed
Venezuela Newsfeed
Video and audio human rights in Cuba
Ville Clara Province Newsfeed
Violations of Social and Labor rights in Cuba
Vladimiro Roca Antuñez Newsfeed

Washington Post Newsfeed
Wet foot dry foot
Workers Rights violated in Cuba by Fidel Castro
Working conditions

Yahoo (en) Newsfeed
Yahoo (Esp) Newsfeed
Yahoo (Fr) Newsfeed

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