Is Fidel Castro a millionaire?

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On May 18 2006 (8 to 9 PM) in the second program about Castro's wealth, a feature of "A Mano Limpia" of "Canal 41"  the host of the show, Oscar Haza, interviewed Eugenio Yañez, economist and political scientist and lawyer Camilo Loret de Mola about the recent report of Forbes that Fidel Castro had an estimated fortune of 900 million dollars. This started a controversy and resulted in vehement denials from Fidel Castro who even dedicated two nights of television time one with nearly a full cabinet in attendance, to refute the allegations about his wealth and lifestyle. It seems he felt compelled to do so after the large international publicity surrounding the Forbes figures and some "annoying" revelations from a bodyguard  just a month earlier about his lavish life style.

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