Santos and Ferrero's Castro Call.

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June 18, 2003

"Santos and Ferrero's Castro Call"

Two Miami Radio hosts called Cuban President Fidel Castro and fooled him into thinking Hugo Chavez was calling. Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero from WXDJ-FM, used real soundbites from Chavez and played them over the phone in a simulated conversational manner

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Translation and transcript:

The following is a translated transcript of an audiotape made of a prank phone call placed by Miami radio announcers Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero. They say the call was made to Fidel Castro and tricked him into responding to snippets of a recording of President Hugo Chavez.

They call a Havana number for the Office of Exterior Relations and the call is answered by a woman named Olga. They explain to her that President Hugo Chavez wants to speak to Fidel Castro. They want to know if she can connect them.

Olga: "One moment. It seems that they are establishing a communication through another line. Maybe we can establish a bridge. Explain this to the president."

The DJs pretend to explain this to Chavez.

Recorded Chavez: "Yes, yes. Correct."

Olga: "We've just made a communication. One moment President. You will hear some music but it's only for a few seconds. It's just to transfer you. One moment. I'm transferring you."

Chavez: "Yes, yes. Of course."

Voice identified as Castro: "Hello."

Ferrero, pretending to be a Chavez aide: "Lt. Camilo is speaking."

Another person named Balenciaga comes on the line in Havana.

Balenciaga: "Ah, Camilo. Do you have president Chavez on line?"

Ferrero: "Yes, yes."

Castro: "Hello."

Chavez: "Fidel, good morning. Do you hear me? Hello. I thank you. I spoke to German yesterday."

Castro: "Tell me. I'm listening. Oh, yes."

Chavez: "Yes."

Castro: "Yes, yes."

Castro: "There are a lot of issues."

Castro: "I am listening."

Chavez: "Yes."

Castro: "I am listening."

Ferrero: "We have a third person on the line and it's my duty to let you know. Do you understand?"

Castro: "Yes."

Chavez: "Yes, brother. How are you?"

Castro: "Tell me and let me see if I hear you. Tell me you haven't returned yet."

Ferrero: "We have a problem with the line."

Castro: "I can't hear him. I hear certain words. I hear him say Fidel. And then I don't hear anything else. What do you think we should do?"

Ferrero explains to Castro that there was an issue with one of Hugo Chavez's suitcases that got lost when he went to Argentina last month. Castro was there, too.

Ferrero: "Do you know about the lost luggage? It has sensitive material. President Chavez is extremely worried because of that. Now in Venezuela the situation is grave and it has something to do with this. Do you understand?"

Castro: "Correct."

Chavez: "Correct."

Ferrero: "Fidel, we have to investigate this."

Castro: "Correct. I understand. We have to investigate into that."

Chavez: "Good."

Ferrero: "Your agents that were with you in Argentina must make an extensive search. And the people that are responsible for this must be told. Are you informed that this is a number one issue?"

Castro: "I am informed and absolutely in agreement."

Ferrero: "So you agree with the (expletive) that you have done to the island, assassin?"

Castro: "What?"

Ferrero: "Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero from Miami, El Zol 95.7 You fell just like Hugo Chavez."

Castro: "What did I fall for you (expletive)? What did I fall for (expletive)?"

Ferrero: "All of Miami is listening to you."

Castro: "What did I fall for, you big (expletive)?"

Ferrero: "What do you have to say?"

Castro: "(expletive)"

Castro: "I won't say anything.... shove it in your mother's (expletive)."

Ferrero: "Miami is listening to you Fidel Castro."

Source: Radio station WXDJ-FM.

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