Santos and Ferrero's Chavez Call.

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January 6, 2003

"Santos and Ferrero's Chavez Call"

Two Miami Radio hosts called Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and fooled him into thinking Fidel Castro was calling. Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero from WXDJ-FM, used real soundbites from the Cuban dictator and played them over the phone in a simulated conversational manner

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Translation and transcript:

The irreverent DJs said they started calling Miraflores Palace, the Venezuelan White House, on Friday. About 8 a.m. Monday, using a Cuban-accented woman posing as a Havana operator, they got through to an aide who identified himself as Lt. Arcia.
The secretary said Castro was on the line and wanted to speak to Chávez. Castro's taped voice can be heard in the background, leading the unwitting officer to believe the dictator was really on the line.

The officer offered to have Chávez call Castro back, but the secretary explained that the Cuban was in a secret location and could not be phoned. The officer gave the radio station the number of Chávez's private line.
''Hello Fidel!'' booms Chávez.
''Did you receive my letter?'' asks Castro.
''Of course I received it,'' replies Chávez. ''I spoke with Germán.'' (Germán Sánchez Otero is the Cuban ambassador to Venezuela, but The Herald could not determine if Chávez was referring to him. A spokesman at Miraflores Palace could not be reached for comment.)
''I'm all set to collaborate with you,'' Castro says.
As the nonsequiturs start, El Vacilón fakes trouble on the line to disguise the rejoinders that don't make sense.
''Yes, brother, how's it going?'' Chávez asks.
''I'll do what you're asking me to,'' Castro replies.
''I don't understand,'' a bewildered Chávez says.
''But I'm going to be harmed, I confess to you,'' Castro says.
Silence from Chávez. Castro goes on: ``Everything's set for Tuesday.''
''Everything's set for Tuesday,'' Chávez repeats, obviously befuddled. ``I don't understand.''
Santos then breaks in and announces they are calling from Miami.
Complete silence from Chávez.

Santos launches into a tirade: ''Terrorist! Animal! Murderer!'' plus a few choice four-letter nouns. ``You're finishing off the Venezuelan people!''

Santos then hangs up.

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