Che Guevara: Anatomy of a Myth.

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Che: anatomía de un mito.

(film in Spanish)

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The story of Ernesto "Che" Guevara de La Serna as told by people close to him from the time of his first meetings met Cuban revolutionaries until his death in 1967.

Through testimony of those that knew him and fought with him the mythical "Che" is demystified. The video shows the other and darker side of the man behind the myth.

From the Cuba revolution via the failed international campaigns over cultural icon to mass marketing image. That is the "road" the image of Che followed. This video wants to show the man behind this varied myth. As so often reality is a lot uglier than the myth.

What will be the long term legacy of Che? Will he survive the inevitable exposure by history of what remains hidden today? Today the myth still inspires people. They desperately want to deny the reality behind that myth. But mythical men fall from their pedestal. Even his own grandson has referred to Fidel Castro as a "dictator" and Cuba as a "state capitalist" country.

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