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Fidel Castro enemy of freedom of speech

Cuba Verdad offers you both audio and video files on Cuba.

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  1. Monte Rouge video satire


    "Monte Rouge" is hilarious. A satire of Cuban life. Poor Nicanor gets the "knock on the door" and is faced with the Cuban secret police. This 15-minute independently made film makes fun of the often dreary realities of Cuban life. Starting with government corruption over idiotic dogmatic behavior to hypocrisy, Monte Rouge has it all.


  2. Che's Myth


    The story of Ernesto "Che" Guevara de La Serna as told by people close to him from the time of his first meetings met Cuban revolutionaries until his death in 1967.
    Through testimony of those that knew him and fought with him the mythical "Che" is demystified. The video shows the other and darker side of the man behind the myth.

  3. Is Castro a millionaire?


    This two part video show the testimonies and opinions of various ex Cuban officials about the actual wealth of Fidel Castro after the controversy created by the Forbes estimate of 900 million US dollar as Castro's wealth.

    Is Castro a millionaire? - Part 1

    Is Castro a millionaire? - Part 2.


  4. A Cuban punishment cell


    Elsa Morejón Hernández, daughter of an ex-political prisoner and wife of prisoner of conscience Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet. In this video she shows us a copy of the "punishment cell" in which her husband was being held. A shocking image.


  5. Las Torturas de Castro


    Testimonies like those that appear in this documentary open the eyes of the world to the horrible reality of the Castro communist regime, that has ruled Cuba for almost five decades. It shows the reality that is hidden behind the barrage of propaganda of the Cuban government.


  6. Los Muertos de Castro


    The "Truth Recovery Archive on Cuba" published the following updated data on December 27, 2005:



    Non-combat Victims of the Castro Regime January 1, 1959 to Date
    (Documented to March 25, 2005)


    Firing squad executions


    Extrajudicial assassinations


    Deaths in prisons


    Missing and disappeared




    "Balseros" (high end of estimated range)






  7. Repression: attack on those honoring the death of the "13 de Marzo"


    Even peaceful gatherings to remember those killed trying to flee the country and demands for justice are repressed by the Cuban regime with harsh attacks by thugs known as "Rapid Response Brigades" organized by the CDR.


  8. A video history of the Cuban trade union movement

    In an attempt to set the record straight with respect to the real situation of workers and the history of trade unions in Cuba Jorge Masetti and Claudio Castillo created this documentary about the Cuban trade union movement. In this documentary the myth of the absence of working unions and the role of the Cuban communists in the trade unions is exposed. From the start of the movement over the communist "deal" with Batista and the final betrayal of the Cuban people by the communist party in its alliance with Castro the story is told.


  9. Students punished for "illegal" internet access in Cuba

    Five Cuban university students were suspended for up to five years for violations that their information technology school deemed ''very grave'': running chat rooms and using school servers to sell Internet access to others.
    Cuba's Internet police, the Office of Information Security, caught the students at the University of Information Sciences (UCI) using school property to charge $30 a month for stolen Internet passwords, according to a video of a campus meeting, smuggled out of the island.

  1. Cuban propaganda cartoon

    A video of a typical propaganda cartoon aimed at Cuban children to indoctrinate them with hatred against the USA.

  2. Huevos videos about Cuba (Humor)

    Three "huevos" cartoons where aspects of Cuba (Fidel, emigration) are made fun of.

  3. Luces y sombras

    A TVE special (in Spanish) on life in Cuba

  4. Acto de repudio

    The Cuban regime uses organized mobs controlled by the CDR to "spontaneously" attack opponents of the regime in their houses or when they are protesting. On this page some videos that illustrate these attacks are proposed.

  5. Education and indoctrination

    Education is used by the Cuban regime to ensure obedience and submission. Speaking out against the regime will lead to a loss of educational opportunities.

  6. Improper Conduct

    Mauvaise Conduite or Improper Conduct is the title of a 1984 documentary film directed by Néstor Almendros and Orlando Jiménez Leal. The documentary interviews Cuban refugees to explore the Cuban government's imprisonment of homosexuals, political dissidents, and Jehovah's Witnesses into concentration camps under its policy of Military Units to Aid Protection. The documentary was produced with the support of French television Antenne 2 and won the Best Documentary Audience Award at the 1984 San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

  7. Transport in Cuba

    Transport is a major problem in Cuba. Buses are few and far between and private cars are scarce and their running costs prohibitive. Cubans therefore have had to invent lots of ways to get around in their twons and country. This page shows the trucks, "camelo" buses, "bicitaxis" and other means of transport Cubans are reduced to.

  8. Housing in Cuba

    German Film about Cuba and the Cuban people. Filmed in Cuba. No actors, just the Cuban people speak about the present situation of their country.



The Castro and Chavez hoax calls:

  1. Santos and Ferrero's Castro Call

July 18, 2003
"Santos and Ferrero's Castro Call"
Two Miami Radio hosts called Cuban President Fidel Castro and fooled him into thinking Hugo Chavez was calling. Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero from WXDJ-FM, used real soundbites from Hugo Chavez and played them over the phone in a simulated conversational manner. Castro fell for it ...and how. This after Chavez was fooled 6 moths earlier. (Some strong language at the end)

  1. Chavez radio hoax

    January 6, 2003
    "Santos and Ferrero's Chavez Call"
    Two Miami Radio hosts called Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and fooled him into thinking Fidel Castro was calling. Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero from WXDJ-FM, used real soundbites from the Cuban dictator and played them over the phone in a simulated conversational manner. Chavez took the bait as Castro would do 6 months later.


  1. Hasta cuándo, Coma Andante?

    "Hasta cuando, coma andante?" - Now with 4 videos

    A Cuban exile in Canada knows as "Rey el Vikingo" made this song that expresses what lots of Cubans feel: when will it all end?


  1. After Castro - Part 1: BBC report from Havana

  2. After Castro - Part 2: BBC report from Miami

  3. BBC report on the independent libraries in Cuba

  4. Oscar Chepe and his wife talk about their life as dissidents

  5. Wet foot dry foot. Current US policy.

On daily life:

  1. A Stroll Along Havana's Malecon: sounds of Havana.

  2. Cuba cell phone: why can't a Cuban get a cell phone in Cuba?

  3. Cuban sugar towns hurting after mill closures

  4. Finding Manana details Cuban Exodus: the personal story of Mirta Ojito.

  5. For Cubans, a bitter pill: the Cuban health system, more myth than reality.

  6. Guillermo Cabrera Infante: In memoriam

  7. Hitchhiking in Cuba: transport problems faced by Cubans.

  8. Husbands for sale: how far Cubans will go to flee the country

  9. Life in Havana: life in Cuba.



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