Cuba's Totalitarian System.


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The Cuban Ministry of the Interior (MININT), which was modeled on the Soviet KGB, rivaled the East German Stasi for effectiveness and ruthlessness.

31 march 2000

Since the beginning of the sixties the former East-German State Intelligence Service STASI has cooperated intensively with the Cuban Secret Service.
During more than three decades the East-Germans instructed the Cubans in various techniques for tapping phones, torture, infiltration and in general in the build up of the repressive society.

The files on this Eastern-German / Cuban cooperation, which lasted until after 1990, are collected in the Central Archives of the so-called 'Gauck Behörde' in Berlin. Most of these these very extensive files are still complete.

Because of its activities concerning the defense of human rights in Cuba, Pax Christi Netherlands has contacted German government institutions that work on the STASI files, with the intention to stimulate research on this unwritten part of history. Meanwhile cooperation has been granted.

Surprisingly, up till now there has been no German human rights organisation or journalist who is denouncing the international activities of the STASI.
Since the Cuban population today still is victim of the repressive system the STASI helped constructing, Pax Christi Netherlands has brought the issue to the attention of the German federal government, specifically to the person responsible for Human Rights, Mr. GERD POPPE, former dissident in East-Germany.

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