Life in Cuba.

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On this page I have posted links to journalist reports on daily life in Cuba and other interesting reports.

A plaza in Old Havana

You will find that the authors paint a sympathetic but correct picture of Cuba.

  1. A Stroll Along Havana's Malecon: sounds of Havana.

  2. Cuba cell phone: why can't a Cuban get a cell phone in Cuba?

  3. Cuban sugar towns hurting after mill closures

  4. Finding Manana details Cuban Exodus: the personal story of Mirta Ojito.

  5. For Cubans, a bitter pill: the Cuban health system, more myth than reality.

  6. Guillermo Cabrera Infante: In memoriam

  7. Hitchhiking in Cuba: transport problems faced by Cubans.

    More videos: Transport in Cuba

  8. Husbands for sale: how far Cubans will go to flee the country

  9. Life in Havana: life in Cuba.

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Main Page