Housing in Cuba.

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Low quality housing in CubaBad housing conditions in Cuba


Havanna- Die neue Kunst Ruinen zu bauen

"El arte nuevo de hacer ruinas" - "The new art of making ruins".

A portrait of the inhabited ruins of Havana and their strange blend of magic and demolition.
HAVANA – THE NEW ART OF MAKING RUINS captures the final moments of these buildings
before they're renovated – or simply collapse altogether.

Un retrato de las ruinas habitadas de la Habana y su mezcla peculiar entre magia y demolición.
HABANA – ARTE NUEVO DE HACER RUINAS atrapa el momento final de estos edificios antes que sean renovados – o se derrumben simplemente



German Film about Cuba and the Cuban people. Filmed in Cuba. No actors, just the Cuban people speak about the present situation of their country. This film is one hour and 30 minutes. This segment is Seven minutes.

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