Is It Worth To Buy Cheap Generic Viagra?

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Is It Real To Buy Cheap Viagra?

Despite the fact that most men never admit to either their women or friends that they experience any problems with potency, erectile dysfunction of varying severity is more than a common male problem. And, of course, the overwhelming majority of men who have encountered this disease tend to get rid of it as quickly as possible, more efficiently and at the lowest cost. And if things are quite straightforward with effectiveness (the most powerful medicine to restore potency is Viagra), then everything is not so simple with the cost. Original Viagra costs a lot of money; not every consumer can afford it. Even online pharmacies don’t save the situation, although the prices in them are usually lower than in ordinary ones. Fortunately, the rest will not remain deprived: you can always buy cheap Viagra online if you turn your attention to the generics of this medicine. This article will focus on buying generics exactly in online pharmacies, because in order to buy cheap Viagra, online pharmacies are much better than traditional ones. In the latter, the choice of analogues of branded Viagra is always substantially narrower, if present at all.

Main Data on Generics of Viagra

For those who are not quite in the subject, some clarifications will not be superfluous. At its core, generics of Viagra are no different from their prototype. Their action is based on the same main ingredient – Sildenafil citrate. Even the dosage of this substance in most Viagra analogues is the same as in the original Pfizer tablets, although there are other options that expand your choice.

However, the effect of generics may not be completely analogous to the action of the original medicine due to the use in the composition of excipients that differ from those that are part of the prototype drug, and due to the varying degree of purification of the active substance. So, some generics of Viagra may have fewer side effects or begin to act after taking faster than the original medicine. At the same time, the opposite picture is possible, when, because of insufficient cleaning of Sildenafil, the generic is poorly tolerated by the body of a man, causing severe side effects.

In the modern pharmaceutical market you can find a variety of generics of Sildenafil, but all of them are united by the fact that their cost is significantly lower than that of a branded drug. The same applies to analogues of other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, such as Levitra and Cialis. The low price, sometimes 80% lower than the cost of Viagra from Pfizer, is due to the fact that generic manufacturers don’t bear the cost of advertising their medicines, and also use a ready-made drug formula, the patent for which they never owned. In addition, a number of generic manufacturers sell their products mainly in online pharmacies, making them available to end consumers at a lower price.

It’s pointless to list all the manufacturers of Viagra analogues, because there are a lot of them. Almost every developed country in the world has its own generic Viagra, or even not one. However, drugs from Canada, India and the UK enjoy the best reputation. The most attractive Sildenafil in terms of price-quality ratio is produced in India, followed by Canada, the UK and Slovakia. Among drugs with the best reputation there can be named M-Sildenafil by Mantra Pharma Inc. (Canada), Prz-sildenafil by Pharmaris Canada Inc., Apo-Sildenafil by Apotex Corporation (Canada), Kamagra by Ajanta Pharma Ltd. (India), Sildenafil by Centurion Laboratories Inc. (India), etc. Of course, the list of trustworthy analogs of Viagra is not limited to them. However, in relation to the above-mentioned medicines, the least number of quality complaints was noted.

Buying Generic Viagra in A Bulk

Consumers who often buy generics of different medications (not necessarily pills against erectile dysfunction) are most likely faced with a situation where the price of one unit of medicine (pill, bottle, etc.) changes depending on how many were added to cart. This is really more than a common practice when the cost of the medicine is lower when buying a large batch at a time. Here the effect of the so-called small wholesale is triggered. That is, if you buy not 10 or 20 tablets of Sildenafil, but, for example, a hundred, then you get a completely different offer for the price. You are clearly not a major wholesale buyer, but you are no longer a stranger in a pharmacy, and it makes some efforts to ensure that you contact it regularly. It should be noted, however, that this practice is mainly used in online pharmacies, while in local drugstores the set price for one tablet of any medicine cannot be changed. In addition, highly specialized pharmacies resort to this attractive scheme much more often, for which selling drugs to combat erectile dysfunction is one of the main ways of making a profit. Keep this in mind when choosing a site for ordering Viagra.

How To Save on Sildenafil With An Insurance?

For holders of several types of health insurance in the United States, coverage of the cost of drugs against ED is valid, including both branded Viagra and its generics. However, practice shows that the reimbursement of the full cost of these pills or part of them is possible only if they are purchased in the United States in an amount not exceeding that indicated in the doctor’s prescription (usually it is not more than twenty pills), while there are much more favorable offers prices can be found in foreign pharmacies. Therefore, if you have a prescription for Sildenafil and you are going to purchase it at a local or online pharmacy located in the USA, and most importantly, if you have a fairly expensive and comprehensive medical insurance, you can return from 50% to 100% of the cost course of treatment with Viagra. However, without a prescription or when buying from abroad, it will not be possible to reimburse the cost of the medicine.

Generic Viagra without Prescription

Quite often, consumers wonder if Viagra can be purchased without a prescription. The answer to this question is yes. If a person really wants, he can buy almost anything, not to mention a fairly harmless medicine. In most online pharmacies in India, Sildenafil's prescription status is only formal, simply notifying the consumer that you need a prescription to buy this medicine. When you buy the drug in Canada or Britain, you may be asked to scan your prescription and send it to the manager of your order, and when placing an order at an American pharmacy, the requirement to present a scan of a fresh prescription will be almost mandatory.

The main problem associated with the acquisition of Viagra over the counter is the question of the appropriateness of neglecting a visit to the doctor and a medical examination for the presence or absence of contraindications for the use of Sildenafil. Indeed, in this case, you take full responsibility for your health at your own risk.

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