Research resources on Cuba.

Below you will find a list of sources of information about Cuba that I have found useful in my research on Cuba. These sources focus on economic, political, legal and other aspects of Cuba.

The "Human Rights" page contains more than 70 sites with current and historical human rights information about Cuba. It is the primary source of human rights information at this site.

Also visit the "Press Sites" page for link to more sources of current information on Cuba. The site also contains 53 RSS newsfeeds  and 73 RSS newsfeeds by topic that provide up-to-date news on Cuba.

The Cubaverdad archive has links to over 37,250 articles on Cuba

Source Type of Source Website link

Amnesty International 

Human Rights Organization

Amnesty Cuba Information page


Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE)

Cuba in Transition

Baker & McKenzie Law Offices

Legal firm

Cuba Property Rights and Security Legislation


News service (UK)

Country Profile

BBC Timeline- Cuba


Government agency (USA)

CIA World Fact Book

Cuba Archive Private foundation Washington DC (USA) Cuba Archive

Georgetown University

University, Washington, USA

Database of the Americas: Cuba (Basic Laws)

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Organization

HRW Cuba Page


Newspaper (UK) Cuba Page

Ohio Northern University University, Ada, USA Cuba Center

Reporters Without Frontiers

Human Rights Organization

RSF Cuba Page

Tulane University

University, New Orleans, USA

Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute

University of Florida University, Gainsville, USA Cuban agriculture

University of Miami

University, Miami, USA

Cuba Transition Project

University of Nottingham

University, Nottingham, UK

Cuba research forum

University of Texas

University, Austin, USA

Latin American Network Information Center - Cuba

U.S..- Cuba Trade and Economic Council

Society to promote US Cuba trade, New York, USA




Special topics:

Tourism and Sexual Exploitation:

  1. Tourism and exploitation of children Commercial and sexual exploitation of children in tourism

  2. ECPAT reports on sexual abuse of children: Cuba report

Daily reality

  1. Daily Life in Cuba

  2. The Housing Dimension in Cuba's Urban Crisis

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