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Please take a look at this first. It is the section on tourism from the 2000 Pax Christi Report.

I hope it will make you more aware about the issues.

Pax Christi Cuba Report: Tourism

From Reporters Without Borders:

Press Group (RSF) tells tourists about repression in Cuba

Cuba violates human rights disputed RSF image

Welcome to Cuba

Have you chosen Cuba because of the charm of its population, its dreamy beaches, its rum and its fast-paced rhythms ? You should know where you are going ! Behind the picture postcard clichés, the sun doesn't shine for everyone in the land of the Revolution. "Che" is nowadays just an icon used by the authorities to legitimize repression. Seventy-five dissidents, including nearly 75 journalists, were arrested at the end of March 2003 and sentenced to long prison terms. Their crime ? Thinking differently from the government. As a result, Cuba has become the world's biggest prison for journalists. These government opponents, poets, journalists and human rights activists are held in Havana, Ciego de Avila, Camagüey, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba. If you visit these towns, don't forget those who are not enjoying the sun inside their prison cells.



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