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‘Change’ in Cuba crucial

'Change' in Cuba crucial
Deseret Morning News editorial
Published: Monday, Nov. 5, 2007 12:14 a.m. MST

In Cuba, any whiff of reform is systematically snuffed out.

The latest example of repression was the roundup of young Cubans wearing
white rubber wristbands stenciled with the world "cambio," the Spanish
word for change. The young people were held for hours before they were
released without being charged with any offenses. The youths had to
relinquish their bracelets.

The government's reaction to the bracelet-wearing illustrates the very
reasons why Cuba needs reforms. A basic liberty — expressing one's point
of view — is met with arrests and detention. Unless Cuba emerges from
its communist regime, personal freedoms will remain out of reach.

Just ask the Cuban independent thinkers, journalists, librarians and
academics who remain imprisoned after their arrests more than four years
ago. Of the 75 people , the vast majority remain in , some
facing 25-year sentences for carrying out activities people in free,
democratic countries participate in daily.

It's difficult to imagine an uprising in Cuba when a seemingly benign
activity — wearing a message bracelet — incites arrests and detention.
The United States and other free nations must continue to exert
political pressure on the Castro regime so that the Cuban people can
someday "shape (their) destiny," as Bush urged in a recent
speech about the island nation.

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Except for immigrants from repressive countries, most Americans have no
concept of life without of , freedom of religion and
the ability to select their own leaders. People who possess such
freedoms must champion people who yearn for basic liberties.

Bush's recent speech was spun by the Castro regime as a call to take the
island by force. Such rhetoric makes the case that Cuba must rid itself
from its communist government. If the United States honestly believed a
military invasion was the best option, why hasn't that happened? Could
it be that the United States has loftier goals — freedom and
self-determination for the people of Cuba?

"Cambio" is long overdue.,5143,695224417,00.html

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