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Slovak human rights activist says unable to enter Cuba

Slovak activist says unable to enter Cuba
Published on Saturday, January 5, 2008

BRATISLAVA (AFP): A Slovak human rights activist said Friday that she
was barred from entering Cuba by immigration officials despite being
given a visa earlier.

"They told me I have to leave Cuba immediately, that I am on a list of
unwanted persons," Ivana Kullova, of the human rights organisation
People in Peril, told AFP. She was forced to leave on the first plane
after arriving in Cuba on Wednesday, she added.

Kullova had been due to talk to intellectuals and teachers and provide
them with literature and information about a pluralistic system.

Two months ago, another Slovak activist Peter Novotny was thrown out of
Cuba after meeting with Cuban dissidents.

Cuba usually has tense relations with post-communist countries, in
particular the Czech Republic which has championed the rights of
dissidents and called for a tough line in dealing with

Two years ago, Cuban authorities threw out the current Czech foreign
minister Karel Schwarzenberg when on a visit as a member of the Czech
upper house of parliament.

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