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Life under the totalitarian Castro dictatorship: A sign is a crime

Life under the totalitarian Castro dictatorship: A sign is a crime
By Alberto de la Cruz on 05/02/2011

In Cuba, where the Castro crime family rules as a monarchical
totalitarian dictatorship, the most seemingly insignificant act, such as
holding up a piece of paper with a slogan written on it, can be
construed and interpreted as a crime against the State. This
hypersensitive reaction illustrates two important aspects of the Castro
dictatorship: 1) They have zero tolerance for any of
opposition, and more importantly, 2) They feel so weak and vulnerable
that they are deathly threatened by anyone who holds up a handwritten
sign in public. It is the typical reaction of schoolyard bullies who
violently attack others to hide the fear and weakness that plagues their
miserable existence.

Capitol Hill Cubans has more:

Where Protest Signs Are a "Crime"
Last week, Cuban pro-democracy leaders Dr. Darsi Ferrer, Juan Mario
Rodríguez, Yusnaimi Jorge, Ricardo Aguilar and Joaquín Sarduy were
for demonstrating with signs in front of the Castro regime's
ice cream parlor, Coppelia.

(Absurdly enough, Castro expropriated all of the island's ice cream
parlors in 1959 and replaced them with only one outlet, the regime-owned

The Penultimos Dias has obtained pictures (below) of the
peaceful protest.

Their "crime" was carrying protest signs reading:

"We are hostages of the Castros"
"Our is being stolen by the Cuban government"
"I'm a hostage of the MININT" (Castro's repressive Ministry of the

According to the protesters, as they were being violently
apprehended, regular Cubans passing-by would yell insults at the Castro
regime's forces (in solidarity with the protesters).

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