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Declaration of Principles: We Who Are Born With No Horizon / Angel Santiesteban

Declaration of Principles: We Who Are Born With No Horizon / Angel
Angel Santiesteban, Translator: Unstated

We were a generation they blindfolded at birth, telling us how we must
think and postpone our dreams because, they told us, the light was
blinding. Our mothers put up with injustice out of fear and to protect
us because they knew that the worst was yet to come.

Then, at first, by necessity or intuition, we looked for the faint
flashes that filtered through the edges of the bandages. And it was
definitely beautiful. We arrived at the conviction that we would be
happy blind. Until we tore off the bandages. Since then we can no longer
live without the glare of the enlightened. The The Children Nobody
Wanted, in particular, is an urgent space to share free thought,
something unknown and forbidden in my country for several generations.

Since I began my journey with the blog, I felt the radiance of unknown
. And once demonstrated it is now a must, as essential as oxygen
itself. Since then my spiritual life has multiplied, but the Political
of my country, without the power to attain the ethereal and
censor thought, take the body to pay for daring. And two months after
starting the blog I was assaulted by three men who threatened me; "you'd
better not become a counterrevolutonary," with the result being a broken
arm. This initial torture is known by the phrase, "Teaching Tools,"
which have no purpose other than to frighten, terrify, and preview the
suffering that future hours of existence hold. My email, assigned by the
Ministry of Culture, was immediately deleted. I was prevented from
publishing and participating in cultural events. Responding to my posts
in official blogs were functionaries, journalists without decorum,
opportunistic writers and critics, of course, those of little talent.

There is no way to make me give in

Then State Security understood that their pressure had not had the
desired effect, which they hadn't counted on and which, in some way,
discredited them; so they devised the idea to manipulate an ex-partner,
a Machiavellian invention, and they have created a series of complaints,
without the slightest evidence tying me to the supposed fanciful events.
Now I am being prosecuted with a petition that adds up to a total of 54
years in , the has combined some and is asking for 15
years deprivation of liberty.

For over two years I wait impatiently, giving the Government, State
Security, the National Revolutionary Police and the Prosecutor of the
Republic time to reconsider that there is no way to make me give in and
to silence my breath of free ; despite feeling terrified by
these embarrassing accusations.

Seven months after the start of the legal process, practically ignored
by the investigators, on their recognizing that the investigations had
no logical basis given personality and behavior of the slandered, the
Directorate General of the Police took part, through an official who had
to be present at the time of the interview, suspiciously, just after
receiving an invitation to the Festival of the Word in Puerto Rico, I
was forced to sign a 1,000 peso bond, which legally precluded my
participation in this literary festival.

These Government Institutions, seeing my firm stance, despite their
efforts and tortures — physical (the broken arm) and psychic — and after
the publication of several posts about how they tried for years to
recruit me as a member of State Security, decided on force, intensifying
and speeding up the infamous process they maintained against my person,
in their attempt to shut me up or make me pay for the audacity of
rebelling against the silence they imposed.

Prevented from seeing my son

As the start of the psychological torture, they imposed a "restraining
order" with regards to the "alleged victim" but the real objective has
been to prevent me from having a relationship with my 12-year-old son,
depriving me, for over two years, of all contact with him. In this sick
way as well, my son has been kept away from his half-sister; the two of
them, until this time, maintained an emotionally intense relationship.
Since then not even a phone call has occurred.

On August 4, my lawyer, Atty. Lourdes Azua, was terrorized by the intent
to involve her in the investigative process against me. Captain Amauri
(semi-literate in terms ), in a disrespectful way, asked me
leading questions in front of the attorney, where he put into question
the professional ethics of the lawyer who had practiced her profession
for over forty years. My representative immediately sent a letter to the
Director of his Law Collective, and the National Justice Directorate, to
make them aware of what could be the beginning of harassing her for
doing her job.

After leaving the police station I was depressed for twenty hours, but
finally, in the early morning hours I knocked on doors where hearts were
open to me and they advised and helped me to regain the spirit of
optimism I usually possess. I also considered that my fallen spirits
would make the job of the executioner easier. It might even bring me bad

Without the least intention of making a martyr of myself, I was sure
that the mission would work and that I could complete it. I have two
children. I wrote several books. I planted a tree in the Demajagua a few
feet from the bell of the redeemer. I have conscientiously complied with
God, the human race, the Masonic Institution to which I have belonged
for almost 25 years. To continue would be to repeat myself, because my
personal dreams do not amount to much save seeing my country with all
the freedoms that belong to a citizen.

Despite the fear

So I want to assure you that as long as I have strength in my body, I
will continue expressing my feelings through the written word,
literature, and the blog The Children Nobody Wanted. I will not accept
intimidation, acts of vandalism, or coarse processes that violate what
is more precious: feelings and propriety. I will endure to the utmost so
as not to give in and will continue expressing my ideas, opinions and
positions of principle.

It doesn't matter if they imprison me, abuse humiliate demoralize
embarrass me, words that may be synonymous, but they have taught me the
deeper meaning and etymology of each word and what the differences are.
Despite the fear, the suffering my family and friends, I'm happy because
I believe I am fulfilling the ideas of Marti, with his indispensable
work and reaching for all the light promised by the Cuban Revolutionary
Party that was, among others, founded by José Martí.

If the moment arrives I assure you that I will go proudly to prison. And
there I will stay as long as my body lasts on a hunger strike. I do not
desire to be remembered. I will do nothing to merit that. Others have
already done that and they are invincible. With complete certainty I can
say that others will come after me and with nobility they will know how
to conquer the dreams of those of us no longer here, and I thank them in

I also infinitely acknowledge the support of each and every one of the
people who have answered the call of justice, because I would prefer not
to exist, rather than accept continuing with the bandages on my eyes and
the gag in my mouth, to paraphrase the Apostle, seeing a Master in my

In Havana, the 17th day of August, 2011

In regard to me, if I could make one humble demand, it would be that God
and Martí never abandon me.

In Havana, the 17th day of August, 2011

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