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The BBC Hires Translating Cuba Blogger Regina Coyula!

The BBC Hires Translating Cuba Regina Coyula!
Posted on May 14, 2014

Translated from BBC Mundo:

Bienvenido Voces desde Cuba, el nuevo de BBC Mundo

[Welcome "Voices from Cuba," BBC Mundo's new blog]

The deed is done. Today the blog about Cuba that we’ve been talking
about for some weeks is born; a new space shared by many voices, of
different generations and with different political viewpoints.

In “Voices from Cuba” you will find stories that present the reality of
the island beyond the headlines of the international press.

And as we have been promising, both those believe in the Revolution as
well as those who criticize it. The country of the new private
businesses and of the activists. The island where a Communist Party and
an increasingly unequal society converge.

The writer Leonardo Padura, opposition blogger Regina Coyula, the
government Yuris Nórido and the young entrepreneur Alejandro
Rodriguez are the first to participate and are the headline team of this
new blog. But we will also have guest bloggers.

The idea is to reflect the daily life of Cuba and Cubans, people’s
feelings, from an individual prism in a plural space, where differences
of opinion are respected.

Obviously, the bloggers will choose their own topics and those who wish
to can respond to the entries of the other collaborators.

Like all material published in the BBC, the opinions must be backed up
with verifiable data. They cannot offend, defame or incite to ,
and to any accusation the right of reply will be offered.

But enough with the introduction, we present you the new Voices from
Cuba, in their own words and in the order in which they will appear. The
first entry will be on Thursday.

Hernando Álvarez, BBC Mundo, @alvarezhdo

(Site manager’s note: We don’t usually translate the BBC, but this is a
momentous day and a huge achievement for our beloved blogger Regina
Coyula. Congratulations to Regina and to the BBC for setting out to
present the news from Cuba in the voices of Cubans on the Island.)

13 May 2014

Source: The BBC Hires Translating Cuba Blogger Regina Coyula! |
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