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Blessed be filtered water

Blessed be filtered water / 14ymedio, Elvira Fernandez
Posted on October 5, 2014

14ymedio, Ciego de Avila, Elvira Fernandez, 26 September 2014 – “This
water will satisfy you for today. Jesus will satisfy you for eternity,
do you accept him?” it reads above the two taps, in one of the most
useful and widely appreciated places in Ciego de Avila today. It is the
people’s filtered water service point opened by the Pentecostal
Evangelical Church in its Voice of Jubilee Assembly of God Church in the
La Guajira neighborhood.

It rains frequently here, but the city suffers a scarcity of potable
water. People are afraid to drink the water from the aqueduct network
because it is almost always contaminated with sewage waste, due to the
abundance of cracks and leaks in the pipes. For the people, in addition,
in an environment where hygiene isn’t front and center, this water is
one of the few chances to prevent contagious diseases such as cholera,
which seems to be here to stay.

The modern filtration equipment has been donated by an evangelical
congregation in the United States, which is dedicated to providing this
type of assistance to countries facing humanitarian crises, such as
Haiti. In Cuba they keep about forty similar pieces of equipment
running. In Ciego de Avila province there is another in the Pentecostal
church in the municipality.

The modern filtration equipment has been donated by an evangelical
congregation of the United States

Four days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) the doors of
the side yard of the church open to all, believers and non-believers,
between 2 pm and 11 pm. At first they came with small bottles, but most
have already made tanks, tanks and big jugs because, with a single trip
and after waiting so long, they are trying to accumulate the water for
several days. And the lines are getting longer again. The people waiting
when the sun shelter in the doorways all around.

The church can not cope and, lately with very little water falling in
the tank, they have to pay for water from the Communal Company’s pipes.
A woman carrying several bottles says: “I have two children and I feel
very safe when I can be assured of this water. In my house, no one wants
to drink any other. But I’m worried, what if this disappears?”

Given the shortage, the increasing demand and the difficulties, expands
fear of a reduction in service. A new sign has appeared on the church
gate has caused general concern, as it heralds drastic :

“We have little water, but we want to continue helping with filtered
water, therefore, during this situation, we can only give you 5 liters
per person. We expect your cooperation, thank you. God bless you.”

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