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Here’s what Cuba really needs, Mr. Obama

Here’s what Cuba really needs, Mr. Obama
By Rosa María Payá Acevedo December 19
Rosa María Payá Acevedo is a member of the Cuban Christian Liberation
Sr. Barack Obama

of the United States of America

I am writing to you because I assume that goodwill inspired your
decision to change U.S. policy toward my country.

I appeal to this goodwill, notwithstanding your decision to review
Cuba’s place on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism despite the
Cuban government’s attempt, just a year ago, to smuggle tons of weapons
in a North Korean ship through the Panama Canal. And despite Cuban state
security provoking the 2012 car crash that took the life of my father,
Oswaldo Payá, one of Cuba’s best-known dissidents who represented the
alternative to the regime, and his young associate Harold Cepero. And
even though the Cuban government refuses to allow an investigation and
has not given even a copy of the autopsy report to my family.

The Cuban regime has decided it needs to change its image, so it will
relax its grip in some areas while it remains in power. It has
discovered that it can allow more Cubans to enter and leave the country
and that some people can create a timbiriche (a very small business),
but the Cuban government still decides who can and who can open a
small business. Mr. President, your laws are not what is preventing the
free market and access to information in Cuba; it is the Cuban
government’s legislation and its constant censorship.

We agree, Mr. President, that you cannot “keep doing the same thing for
over five decades and expect different results.”

But there is nothing new in treating as “normal” the illegitimate
government in Havana, which has never been elected by its citizens and
has been practicing state murder with impunity. That strategy already
has been done by all the other governments without positive consequences
for democracy in my country.

What would be new would be a real commitment to the Cuban people, with
concrete actions supporting citizens’ demands. We don’t need
interventionist tactics but rather backing for solutions that we Cubans
have created ourselves.

For 55 years, the only free, legal and popular demand from Cubans has
been a call for a referendum on self-government, the Project. We
want changes in the law that will guarantee of and
association, the release of political prisoners, the right to own
private enterprises, and free and plural elections.

You asked in your historic speech : How can we uphold that commitment,
the commitment to freedom?

I take you at your word, Mr. President. The answer to you and to all the
world’s democratic governments is: Support the implementation of a
plebiscite for free and pluralistic elections in Cuba; and support
citizen participation in the democratic process, the only thing that
will guarantee the end of totalitarianism in Cuba.

My father used to say, “Dialogues between the elites are not the space
of the people.” The totalitarianism of the 21st century — which
interferes in the internal affairs of many countries in the region and
promotes undemocratic practices in countries such as — will
sit at the table next to the hemisphere’s democracies. I hope censorship
doesn’t come to that table as well and that we Cubans, whom you so far
have excluded from this process, can have a place in future negotiations.

We expect your administration, the Vatican and to support our
demands with the same intensity and goodwill with which you supported
this process of rapprochement with the Cuban government.
are the foundation of democracy, and we expect you to support the right
of Cubans to decide their future.

We ask you to support an independent investigation into the attack that
caused the deaths of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero.

We do not want symbolic solidarity. We do not want to participate only
in the parallel forum to the next Summit of the Americas. The chair that
will be occupied by the Cuban government is not the chair of the people,
because the Cuban government does not represent Cuba’s citizens . That’s
why we need to be present at the main summit, so that the demands of
Cuban citizens are heard and empowered by the regional democracies.

Mr. President, dare now, after quoting our José Martí, to put into
practice the honesty that a free Cuba deserves, “with all and for the
good of all.”

God bless our countries.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Rosa María Payá Acevedo

Source: Here’s what Cuba really needs, Mr. Obama – The Washington Post –

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