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So we remember him?

So we remember him?
ELIECER AVILA, La Habana | Enero 09, 2015

They say some animals possess the ability to perceive when natural
phenomenon will occur. Man, however much he has evolved, is still an
animal and retains some primitive characteristics. I don’t know if this
sharp sense is present in our DNA. What I do know, is that we have a
great ability to read between the lines of what happens around us and to
draw logical conclusions and even to predict great events.

These days my neighbors and friends are behaving oddly. They speak
softly, and in whispers share a kind of “sensitive information.” In
general, they try to connect the dots…

There is a subtle but clear increase in surveillance in the streets,
according to some. The press, radio and TV, with equal subtlety,
increasingly broadcast more materials alluding to the former

In fact, for days they’ve been airing a series called “Moments of the
Revolution.” In this Thursday’s episode they showed a young and vigorous
Fidel delivering a speech to the United Nations. The final sentence of
the program perplexed me: “So we remember him…”

Nobody has missed Fidel’s silence on the historic events that marked the
end of the year for Cuba and its politics. This has been, to my
knowledge, the root of opinions and rumors gaining strength as the days
go by. The more moderate of these suppositions refer to the historic
leader’s delicate state of . Others are less optimistic and
theorize about the political interplay of dates and opportunities, which
is typical of those systems that normally prefer mystery over timely and
reasonable information.

For my part, I can only attest to an event unprecedented in recent
years, at least where I have knowledge. It is, incredibly, nothing more
and nothing less than the fact that Fish-for-Fish* has come to the
bodega, instead of Chicken-for-Fish*. Yes, the kind that comes from the
sea (imported mackerel).

In the face of this novelty that surprises us lately, I imagine that
many don’t know whether to be happy or fearful. We’ll see.

*Translator’s note: Fish is supposedly part of the monthly rations
sold at reduced prices. However, as it is rarely, if ever, available,
the ration stores routinely announce “chicken-for-fish,” substituting
chicken for the fish ration. On the day that Obama and
announced the new accords, fish was made available in the ration stores.

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