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Cuba Decides – Continuing Oswaldo Paya’s Work for a Plebiscite

Cuba Decides: Continuing ’s Work for a Plebiscite
Posted on April 11, 2015

For over half a century Cubans have been excluded from the political,
economic and social decisions made in our nation. The group in power in
Cuba has never been legitimized by democratic elections. The government
is responsible for the repression and against those with
opinions and alternative initiatives.

The absence of an environment of law and self-determination, has plunged
the people into poverty and has led our country to economic and social
failure, accompanied by constant mass exodus of its citizens.

We are aware that only Cubans corresponds us to define and decide on the
changes needed in our society and so do our national project. But for
citizens to design, approve and build their future, must be guaranteed
by law rights and an atmosphere of trust and respect for all achieved.
In this way we can make a genuine national dialogue and begin the
process of legal changes, without exception, for the people to retain or
sovereignly change that decision. So proclaim and work for the people to
be consulted in a plebiscite. There will be no transition to democracy
in Cuba if Cubans are again excluded.

Our proposal continues the citizen petition the Project. Bill
that 25,404 Cubans with voting rights submitted to the National Assembly
of People’s Power, supported by article 63 of the Constitution of the
Republic. The National Assembly has yet to respond to these citizens.

Our demand considers Articles 19, 20 and 21 of the Universal Declaration
of . The Cuban state as one of its signatories committed
themselves to achieve, in cooperation with the United Nations, the
effective universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Cubans are one people. All, without classify and divide them by
their ideas, beliefs, race, political positions or country of residence,
are called to promote and participate in this plebiscite.

No one should question the changes that the people want is ,
reconciliation and all rights. For these goals and work peacefully fight
the opposition inside and outside Cuba. But the great lack of Cubans is
that we have no voice, no democratic means to express ourselves as the
government and some in the world claim to speak for our people. Hence
our demand to the government of Cuba, is to conduct a plebiscite for the
people to express itself supremely 1 and decide on the following proposal:

Are you in agreement with that free elections held shall exercise the
freedom of and Press and organizing freely in political
parties and social organizations with full plurality? Yes or No?

Urging all Cubans wherever they are to join this lawsuit. We invite
governments, the democratic institutions and the men and women of good
will in the world to support the sovereignty and self-determination of
our people, which is to support the right to decide for Cubans, through
a plebiscite.

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