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It’s not my fault either

It’s not my fault either
REINALDO ESCOBAR, Panama | Abril 13, 2015

During the Summit of the Americas, when said Barack Obama
was not at fault for the decisions taken by the ten presidents that
preceded him, confusion overcame me and it’s no wonder.

Upon hearing that speech, delivered in front of more than thirty leaders
meeting in Panama, it became even harder for me to understand why the
gallant members of the pro Cuban government “civil society” who came to
this city continued to label as assassins the activists, dissidents and
independent representations who came to participate in forums parallel
to the historic event.

If Obama is not guilty of what happened at the Bay of Pigs, nor the
logistics support to the anti-Revolution rebels of the Escambray; if he
is not responsible for the creation of Radio Martí, nor the Cuban
Adjustment Act… nor even for the implementation of the , then,
what guilt is it that they want to foist on the activists defending

Now, that the general- has already absolved the dignitary of
the country that official propaganda sees as “the enemy,” it is worth
asking why his supporters accuse of events that happened decades
ago those, who organize opposition parties, or engage in library
projects or independent journalism with the sole purpose of proposing a
country different from that outlined in the guidelines of the Sixth
Communist Party Summit.

When the horrendous sabotage occurred to the Cuban plane coming from
the Barbados, Guillermo Fariñas was engaged in or preparing for an
international mission in Africa. At the moment when they shot the
Ernesto “Che” Guevara in , neither Eliécer Ávila nor
Henry Constantin had been born. It would be like blaming Abel Prieto for
the firing squads, the forced relocation of the farmers from the center
of the country to captive villages, the atrocities of the Revolutionary
Offensive, the disaster of the 1970 sugar harvest, the “ Five Gray
Years” and so many other things.

When I mention Abel Prieto I could include the names of almost the
entire delegation whose tickets and lodging were paid for by the Cuban
government. Are they aware that when you accuse others of a past in
which they didn’t exist nor make decisions, you will also be evaluated
in the same light? Are they prepared to take on all the atrocities
committed by their predecessors?

The Panamanians, however, gave us a clear example of this positive
attitude during the summit, an attitude that is summed up by looking
more to the future than the past. I would like to believe that Raul
Castro is not responsible for anything… although the evidence points in
the other direction.

Perhaps the time has come when we should concern ourselves more with
solutions than with blame.

I know many compatriots, who totally within their rights, will not agree
with me, especially since there are wounds impossible to heal and
grievances difficult to forget. If I had to vote on it, I would raise my
hand in favor of their retiring in peace. Their penance, their worst
punishment, will be to watch us construct a nation without hatred nor
rancor. Once again Cubans, everyone, at the same fiesta.

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