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Rosa Maria Returns to the Revolution of Death

Rosa Maria Returns to the Revolution of Death / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo
Posted on May 13, 2015


Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, 11 May 2015

Since she was a little girl, death was a guest in her home. A guest no
one invited in the midst of the family happiness, rather an intruder
imposed by a fascist State called Revolution. A totalitarian state that
began killing before the assault on power, killing that prevailed for
decades, and that will end up killing more, sooner than later. It is the
only logic of a governance in which the Castros are effective, a dynasty
of several generations that were never elected in Cuba. Since she was a
little girl, death peeked through the blinds and revealed the probable
terror: she always knew that the Cuban wanted to kill her papá.

Rosa María Payá, after a year and a half living outside Cuba, returns
today to the Island where lie the remains of Harold Cepero — her
soulmate — and those of Oswaldo Payá. She brings them a flower. A little
flower of the most commercial and cowardly Miami. Where thousands of
“mules” daily as accomplices of the Castro regime. Where all the
entrepreneurs are Castros with Cubanologist ties, but ultimately they
are simply thirst for dollars and power. A caste that, with the story of
the economic empowerment of civil society, aspires to enslave Cuba based
on their earnings and their corruption. They are not another shitty
mafia, but they are the same and of the same ideological sign as the
shitty mafiosos of the Plaza of the Revolution.

Cepero and Payá were assassinated in Cuba by order of the high command
of the Ministry of the Interior on Sunday, 22 July 2012. It was a
personal vengeance on the part of the homicidal brothers. A crime
against humanity whose atrocious guilt will never expire, and for which
they will be held accountable before justice, including the descendants
of the tyrants: in particular Alejandro Castro Espín, who was already in
office when they killed Cepero and Paya.

This crime would never have been undertaken blindly. Before executing
it, the Castro regime consulted on the double homicide with the highest
spheres of power in the and in the United States. And
also with the insulting insular Catholic hierarchy, and it is possible
with the Vatican (Ratzinger’s resignation will eventually be totally
explained). The Cuban-American tycoons, of course, did their part, with
the perverse promise they would soon be allowed to return.

Such a plot is not launched directly, but with hallway inquiries and
social destabilization blackmail. With hostages and promises of
appeasement. The diplomacy of disgust. And everyone was in agreement
that there would be no penalty for the Castros for the death of a man in
his sixties who to the majority felt too weighty, whose moral
superiority is intolerable in Cuba and in our ex-exile. He had to be
sacrificed to the sanctimoniousness of democracy. It had to sink Cuba
even deeper into despair. Harold Cepero, on that summer afternoon, was
just collateral damage. And if Rosa María had been traveling in that
Hyundai rental car, as she thought she might hours beforehand, Rosa
María would have been buried three years ago along with her papá.

But today Rosa María Payá returns as a Cuban of Cuba to Cuba. The whole
world, and especially the Casto agents of the Miami press, sneeringly
called her on zero day a “refugee” and the last of the “exiled.” As if
all of us Cubans, wherever we live, weren’t refugees and exiles under
the boot of our olive-green barbarity. Now they will tell Rosa María
whatever other vile things, as soon as the officials of El Habana Herald
sends them by email the ongoing strategy of stigmatization of her.

But Rosa María will face the executioners whom she has known since
childhood to be hunting her papá to behead him. The family has not even
been given the autopsy showing how Oswaldo Payá died. Only Fernando
Ravsberg, a Uruguayan terrorist turned privileged on the
Island, wrote with demonic detail of the destruction of Payá’s body:
head split into five pieces, almost decapitated, heart pierced and
kidneys turned to “mush.”

Rosa María Payá faces Monday May 11, 2015 in Cuba with that “mush” of a
nation. The detritus of a country without citizens. Without
values. Without a vision of the future. Aberration in
time. Constitutional ugliness. Hatred on the surface and language as a
hobby in perpetuity. Culture of simulation and a vocation to kill or be
killed. De-anthropological damage, inhumane humanity. A double lack of
State and of God.

From the Castro regime we can expect anything against that girl visited
by death in her dreams in El Cerro in the midst of the Special Period.
Because today the assassins no longer need to consult on their crimes
ahead of time. The hands of Obama and those of Pope Francis
have exquisitely stretched out to the Cuban , the octogenarian
who has been stained and stained again with the innocent blood of Cubans.

Pray for Rosa María, please, at least those who still retain a remnant
of what it is to pray after half a century of strictly observed Revolution.

Source: Rosa Maria Returns to the Revolution of Death / Orlando Luis
Pardo Lazo | Translating Cuba –

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