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Marco Rubio would like to fly Air Force One to ‘a free Cuba’

Marco Rubio would like to fly Air Force One to ‘a free Cuba’

A tidbit from Wednesday night’s Republican primary debate:

MODERATOR JAKE TAPPER: OK, here’s the more serious question, Ronald
Reagan, the 40th , used the plane behind you to accomplish a
great many things. Perhaps, most notably, to challenge Mikhail Gorbachev
to tear down the wall, and ultimately, to make peace with the USSR.

How will the world look different once your Air Force One is parked in
the hangar of your presidential library?

MARCO RUBIO: One of the things that made Ronald Reagan a great
president, is that he understood that America was a unique nation, like
any other that had existed throughout human history. He knew it was
founded on universal principles that were powerful, the dignity of all
people, , the rights of all to live in and liberty,
and choose their own path in life. He didn’t just believe it, he acted
on it. That’s why bringing down communism was so important to him. If
I’m honored with the opportunity to be president, I hope that our Air
Force One will fly, first and foremost, to our allies; in Israel, in
South Korea, and Japan. They know we stand with them. That America can
be counted on.

It would also fly to , not just to meet with our enemies, not just
to meet with those adversaries of ours that are there, but also to meet
with those that aspire to freedom and liberty within China. I would even
invite them to my inauguration.

We would also fly into Moscow and into Russia. And not just meet with
the leaders of Russia, but also meet with those who aspire to freedom
and liberty in Russia. And ultimately, I hope that my Air Force One, if
I become president, will one day land in a free Cuba, where its people
can choose its leaders and its own destiny.

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