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Pope Francis Desecrates Memory of Catholic Martyrs in Cuba

Pope Francis Desecrates Memory of Catholic Martyrs in Cuba
Humberto Fontova | Sep 26, 2015

“Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve just received the news that I’ll be executed by firing squad in the
morning. I assure you, dear parents, that I’ve never felt such spiritual
tranquility as I do now. I feel content knowing that very shortly I’ll
be with God, waiting and praying for you, my parents. I realize this
news is painful for you, but please have faith in the Eternal Life. I
want you all to rise above this and know that God, in his infinite
mercy, has given me the grace to reconcile with Him… Hugs and kisses,
not tears, for everyone. Goodbye, my dear family. Have faith in God.

Long Live Christ the King!

Alberto Tapia

“Apunten! (aim)” yelled the unnerved firing squad leader the following
morning April 18, 1961 …

“Listos! (ready)…………..

…….“Viva Cristo Rey!” (“Long Love Christ the King!”) suddenly yelled
Alberto Tapia shortly interrupting the murder process and greatly
unnerving the murderers.

“Fuego!!!” (Fire!) finally yelled the furious executioner.

A deafening blast and Soviet bullets ripped apart the head and torso of
yet another young Cuban martyr. Albert Tapia was barely 21 years old,
typical age for most of Castro and Che’s murder victims.

“The defiant yells (“Viva Cristo Rey!”—“Viva Cuba Libre!”-“Abajo
Comunismo!”) from the bound and staked martyrs “would make the walls of
La Cabana tremble!” wrote eyewitness to the slaughter, Armando
Valladares, who suffered 22 torture-filled years in Castro’s prisons and
was later appointed by Ronald Reagan as U.S. ambassador to U.N Human
Rights Commission.

Given their valiant defiance even during their last seconds alive, by
mid 1961 the mere binding and blindfolding of Castro and Che’s young
murder victims wasn’t enough. The fine folks who hosted Pope Francis’ in
Cuba this week then began ordering that the Catholic youths also be
gagged. The shaken firing-squads demanded it. The yells were badly
unnerving the trigger-pullers, you see.

So now, as the fine folks who hosted Pope Francis’ in Cuba this week
yanked the young Catholic heroes from the cells, bent their arms back,
and bound their hands, two more Communist guards came into play. One
grabbed the struggling victim’s hair and jerked his head back, trying to
steady him. The other taped his mouth shut.

(who hosted the Pope at last week’s Havana Mass) and Che
Guevara (whose visage formed the backdrop for the Mass) were the most
notorious executioners during the early years of the Cuban Revolution.
The orders, of course, all issued from , who Pope Francis
went out of his way to visit and smilingly hob-nob with after the Mass,
profusely thanking him for his efforts towards “world peace,” (I am NOT
making this up!)

“I am not Christ or a philanthropist,” wrote Che Guevara in a letter to
his mother. “I am all the contrary of a Christ–In fact, if Christ
himself stood in my way, I, like Nietzsche, would not hesitate to squish
him like a worm.”

As mentioned: an enormous image of Che Guevara formed the backdrop to
Pope Francis’ Mass in Havana last week.

Castro’s KGB and STASI- tutored regime prepared for the Pope’s visit
carefully. Any unsightly protests would obviously mar the occasion,
especially for a regime long-accustomed to preening in front of the
international media mirror. So Cuban dissidents (especially Catholic
ones) were rounded up en-masse by Castro’s KGB-trained , often

“The facts and figures are irrefutable. No one will any longer be able
to claim ignorance or uncertainty about the criminal nature of
Communism,” wrote the New York Times (no less!) about The Black Book of
Communism. This “irrefutable” study on Communism’s crimes was edited by
the head of ’s National Centre for Scientific Research, Stephane
Courtois (not exactly an embittered dispossessed Cuban exile) and
translated into English by Harvard Press (not exactly a
subsidiary of the John Birch Society.)

This impeccably high-brow scholarly study found that Castro and
Guevara’s firing squads murdered between 15 and 17 thousand Cubans, the
equivalent, given the U.S. population, of almost one million executions.
Some more perspective: the UN, (the same United Nations that proudly
features Cuba on its Council, by the way) charged former
Serbian Slodoban Milosevic with “genocide” for ordering 8000

And far from any of the repentance the Catholic Church supposedly
requires for forgiveness, the Castro brothers have always doubled–and
even tripled-down–on their gloating for those thousands of murders,
historically denouncing the young victims as “CIA mercenaries!” and

None of this has prevented the Castro regime from receiving the most
papal visits recently of any Latin America nation, equaling the number
of papal visits to Brazil, with a population of 200 million, 130 million
of them declared Catholics. In contrast, Cuba has a population of 11
million, only a tiny fraction of which are practicing Catholics.
Someone’s got some serious “‘splainin” to do for this Papal fetish of
constantly visiting Stalinist Cuba and chumming around with her
Stalinist rulers.

Interestingly, more Popes (three) have recently visited Cuba–a nation
with many more crypto-voodooists (Santeros) than Catholics– than have
visited Mexico(with 97 million Catholics.) Hello? Andas Joan Rivers used
to ask: “Can we talk?” (about this glaring and –for many—disgusting

For many of us, the Papal motivation for visiting Cuba seems no
different from Beyonce’s, Conan O’Brien’s, Jack Nicholson’s, Oliver
Stone’s, Sean Penn’s, etc. The Popes get plenty of press and get to poke
Uncle Sam in the eye. In this respect, they seem no different from all
those loud-mouthed, Castro-hugging celebrity popinjays.

Source: Pope Francis Desecrates Memory of Catholic Martyrs in Cuba –
Humberto Fontova – Page full –

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