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A Year Later and Almost Nothing

A Year Later and Almost Nothing / Rebeca Monzo
Posted on December 19, 2015

Rebeca Monzo, 18 December 2015 — Yesterday, December 17, marked the
one-year anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between
the United States of America and the Republic of Cuba.
In my earlier post I noted that, when this event occurred, it unleashed
many feelings, ranging from joy to apprehension. It quickly became
obvious that there were two emotions in particular that Cubans were
experiencing quite keenly. On the one hand, there was great hope at the
prospect of major changes so long desired by the vast majority of Cubans
both inside and outside the country. On the other hand, there was the
fear that the Cuban Adjustment Act, presumably now irrelevant, would be
This latter concern led to the massive exodus of Cubans to any Latin
American country they felt might serve as a trampoline to vault them to
the United States, as well as the flight of the “lucky ones,” who could
go to the U.S. directly. Rather than implement urgent changes necessary
in a country mired in a full-blown social, economic and political
crisis, an intransigent Cuban government has instead obstinately made
ridiculous demands, which have only succeeded in stalling the
negotiations, in an effort to buy time.

It is obvious that, at least so far, it is the Obama administration that
has initiated all the efforts aimed at improving relations. Meanwhile,
Raul has insisted on reparations that he knows full well will not be
paid — brandishing them like symbols of a highly questionable national
sovereignty and independence — while using and forcing Cuban media to
adopt accusatory, obsolete and undiplomatic language when referring to
the United States.
Unless this changes, we will continue experiencing economic, political
and social stagnation, which — along with the crises facing the Maduro
government and the Latin American left — only threaten to get worse.

The only positive images in our minds and on our retinas have
undoubtedly been the raising of the flag at the American embassy in
Havana and the raising of our flag in Washington.

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