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Four Questions For You, President Obama

Four Questions For You, Obama / 14ymedio, Yuslier L. Saavedra
Posted on February 8, 2016

14ymedio, Yuslier L. Saavedra, La (Mayabeque Province), 8 February
2016 — Mr. President, I am a young Cuban woman who lives in Cuba and I
do not want to leave. Exile hurts and I lack the courage to miss my
homeland. I want to stay in Cuba and the reality of my people leaves me
with many questions. I think it is up to Cubans alone – all of us
without exception – to resolve our problems; peaceful change toward
democracy is ours and is in us. I dream of a sovereign people, with
self-determination because we have a voice, rights and . I dream
of an independent, democratic and sovereign Cuba, where there is a
genuine Rule of Law and Democracy, the indispensable foundations for
Cubans to be able to achieve prosperity and well-being.

You have said you want to help Cubans to improve our quality of life,
which leads me to ask you some questions:

– What has improved in Cubans’ quality of life since 17 December 2014?
– You have called ‘president’; does this mean you consider
him your counterpart?
– Can a dictatorship turn itself into a democracy?
– Do you believe that the dignity of the human person, as well as his or
her well-being and quality of life starts with rights?

Source: Four Questions For You, President Obama / 14ymedio, Yuslier L.
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