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The Crosshairs in the Crosshairs

The Crosshairs in the Crosshairs / Regina Coyula
Posted on March 13, 2016

Regina Coyula, 12 March 2016 — In a decision that takes one’s breath
away, even among commentators who defend official orthodoxy, the author
of the El Colimador (The Crosshairs) has decided to stop publishing.

He had been “notified by the monitoring team for the Reflejos platform,
due to the publications of comments approved by him that violate the
conditions of use established by this platform.”

Accustomed to my WordPress blog, a .com platform, it was striking to me
that in the Terms of Use of moderation (I would say
censorship) of comments is included (which are not part of the posts)
under ideological considerations; while in WordPress the terms regarding
comments are established by the author and WordPress limits itself to
offering the tool to perform this function.

It turns out that in the conglomerate of blogs about sports, spirit,
, unfailingly full of applause, respectfully forgettable like almost
everything on the platform, El Colimador stood out for being interesting
and intense. It unapologetically defended what we know as the Cuban
Revolution and its administration always managed a balance that fostered
a respectful debate.

Who was the “regulator” (the author exonerates the technical team) who
expressed the narrow viewpoint of a sector with power that appears not
to live in the 21st Century but rather in the 19th.

Those with a better memory will remember the incomprehension with which
La Polemica Digital and La Joven Cuba were dealt with, blogs that won
their space and their readers not with obsequiousness but quite the

It would be lamentable if the enemies of El Colimador take advantage of
my complaint to justify their censorship of the blog. These people can’t
understand that I want a country where the Ruslans and the Reginas can
express themselves without fighting under a nick and a false IP and
accusing them of receiving “goodies” from the Cuban government or
dollars from the American government.

Source: The Crosshairs in the Crosshairs / Regina Coyula | Translating
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