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Cuba will never rejoin ‘imperialist’ OAS, says Castro

Cuba will never rejoin ‘imperialist’ OAS, says Castro

The Cuban has backed after the OAS chief recommended
sanctioning the struggling Latin American nation. Havana has been
excluded from the regional bloc following the overthrow of a US-backed

Cuban President on Saturday described the Organization of
American States (OAS) as an “instrument of imperialist domination” that
will never change.
“Because of that, Cuba will never return,” Castro said during a summit
of Caribbean countries held in Cuba.
Castro added that Havana would continue to support Caracas after OAS
Secretary General Luis Almagro recommended the group apply the
“Democratic Charter” against Venezuela, which could lead to diplomatic
isolation and commercial sanctions against the struggling Latin American
Cuba extends its “most firm solidarity to our brothers, the Venezuelan
people, to the legitimate government of (Venezuelan) President Nicolas
Maduro,” Castro said.
Thawing relations?
The OAS excluded Havana in a 1962 resolution reportedly at Washington’s
direction. The president’s brother led an uprising in the
island nation that resulted in the ouster of US-backed dictator
Fulgencio Batista in 1959.
However, a 2009 resolution repealed the exclusionary act by the OAS,
stipulating that Cuba’s participation “will be the result of a process
of dialogue initiated” at Havana’s request, in accordance with the
organization’s principles.
Earlier this year, US President Barack Obama visited Cuba, making him
the first sitting American president to visit the island in 88 years. In
December 2014, both presidents announced they would begin normalizing
relations after decades of bitter rivalry.
However, former President Fidel Castro in April defended Cuban Communists.

Source: Cuba will never rejoin ′imperialist′ OAS, says Castro | News |
DW.COM | 05.06.2016 –

2 Responses to Cuba will never rejoin ‘imperialist’ OAS, says Castro

  • It seems that some in the OAS expect that Cuba will come crawling back, seeking re-admission. Cuba is proud and independent, and after decades of exclusion at the behest of the USA, will only rejoin on its own terms.

    • Cuba fears membership of organizations that have human rights courts.
      That is all.
      The OAS has invited Cuba back in. It even was assumed that by 2020 they would be member again.
      Get informed.

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