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Exile Group is Creating Database Of Cuban Repressors To Share With US

Exile Group is Creating Database Of Cuban Repressors To Share With US /
EFE, 14ymedio

EFE, 14ymedio — The Foundation for in Cuba (FHRC) announced
Tuesday in Miami the creation of a database of Cuban repressors that
will be shared with governments, especially the United States.

Juan Antonio Blanco, FHRC director, told EFE that the initiative is
aimed at the “Cuban repressive body” and is an opportunity for its
officials to “repent in time” and to counter the rise of this
against opponents in Cuba.

The activist said that there is an onslaught against the opposition
caused both by the social and economic crisis, and by the “growing
exodus,” among other factors.

The project is a way “to contribute to stopping this madness in time,”
said Blanco, adding this it is not about a witch hunt or revenge.

“We do not want a truth commission in 20 or 30 years where these people
are going to repent, and for what!” he said.

The project, he explained, will support an initiative undertaken by a
group of lawyers in Miami, led by Wildredo Allen, that has been
collecting information on these abusers for four years.

Now, this database of photos, videos, the names of the oppressors and
other information will be expanded with more information through exile
organizations in Miami and the opposition in Cuba, and also from
individuals who want to provide evidence.

Blanco said they will only collect the information, which will be
confirmed by experts in human rights from organizations such as the
United Nations and the Organization of American States and many other
civic groups expert in this kind of material.

The expert noted that only complaints that have been confirmed by
multilateral human rights organizations because they are “credible and
possible” will be entered into the database that will be shared with
governments, among them the United States.

Source: Exile Group is Creating Database Of Cuban Repressors To Share
With US / EFE, 14ymedio – Translating Cuba –

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