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Two Cuban men (and one rowboat) wash ashore in Miami Beach

Two Cuban men (and one rowboat) wash ashore in Miami Beach

The 30-something-year-old men are in good
Two 23-year-old tourists from Virginia spoke to them

When the men got close enough, they leapt out of their boat and made a
mad dash for shore.

“What’s your name?” one man asked, in Spanish, of Tori Ford, a
23-year-old from Virginia.

“Miami?” he and his partner asked, over and over, as they kicked the
sand. “Miami,” she confirmed.

The pair, migrants from Cuba, rushed to the boardwalk with smiles on
their faces. They had made it.

Ford was spending her second day in Miami Beach with Nick Novak near
41st Street when they saw the tiny boat in the distance.

“We thought they were kayakers or something at first,” she said.

As it drew nearer, they saw two heavily sunburned men rowing furiously.
Ford and Novak were the first people on shore to greet the men, and they
were there hours later when the park department showed up with heavy
machinery to move the tiny rowboat out of the ocean.

When tipped over, the green vessel spilled a pair of worn-out oars, a
black inner tube and a pile of empty water bottles with Spanish labels.

Miami Beach tweeted that the 30-something-year-old men were in
good health. Ernesto Rodriguez, a police spokesman, said the men are in
custody of border patrol.

Alex Harris: 305-376-5005, @harrisalexc

Source: Cuban migrants wash ashore in Miami Beach | In Cuba Today –

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