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An Official Journalist Calls For Justice

An Official Calls For Justice / 14ymedio, Havana

14ymedio, Havana, 6 August 2016 – the radio Holguin journalist, Jose
Ramon Ramirez Pantoja, will find out this Friday if a labor tribunal
will punish him with the permanent loss of his job for having published
in his some controversial words from a deputy directory of the
newspaper Granma about the current economic crisis in Cuba.

Ramirez Pantoja explained in a phone conversation with 14ymedio that,
given his disagreement with the disciplinary measure, he filed an appeal
“within the seven days required by the labor law.” The reporter says he
feels confident that “justice will be done,” although he declined to
allow his statements to this newspaper to be recorded.

The cause of his firing, according to the digital newspaper Cubanet, was
the publication in his blog Verdadecuba (Truth of Cuba) of the words of
Karin Marrón, deputy director of the official organ of the Cuban
Communist Party. Marrón’s statements were made during a meeting of the
Cuban Journalists Union (UPC) in July.

In her comments, the official journalist expressed her fear that there
would be “protests in the street” if there is a crisis similar to that
suffered by the Cuban people in the 1990s. Marrón said that “a perfect
storm” is brewing, and she fears a repeat of episodes like that of the
1994 Maleconazo.

The transcript of the journalist’s speech, divulged by Ramirez Pantoja,
circulated among various media and on the social networks, but so far
the official press has not published Marrón’s words.

Secrecy has been denounced from the government itself as one of the
problems most affecting the work of the Cuban media. The highest
government officials, such as and Miguel Diaz-Canel, have
spoken on several occasions about the need to eliminate this evil, and
the warnings from Granma’s deputy director were widely discussed in the
plenary session of the UPC.

The demand for the enactment of a Media Law that would limit censorship
is shared among professionals of the press, with particular enthusiasm
from the young people who are studying in the universities to be future
communicators. Recently, in a letter signed by the base committee of the
Young Communists Union of the periodical Vanguardia in Villa Clara
province, they denounced instances of by State Security
against the most critical journalists.

The decision of the labor tribunal in the case of Ramon Ramirez is
expected to be a sign of where the shots are being fired in this battle.

Source: An Official Journalist Calls For Justice / 14ymedio, Havana –
Translating Cuba –

4 Responses to An Official Journalist Calls For Justice

  • An interesting report, with a Holguin journalist fighting for the freedom to report the truth.

    • An interesting report indeed. it shows that the until now wholly subservient Cuban “press” now tests the limits of what they are given as “freedom of speech”. that is very little as the repression against this longtime subservient collaborator of the regime shows. For merely repeating comments by a Granma editor that the rising economic problems could give rise to a new “maleconazo” – a valid observation – this man now is vilified, expelled and sanctioned.
      Again you fail to support the freedom of speech of all Cubans, William. Independent journalist that take up the same fight you call liars and mercenaries. The real liars and mercenaries are the subservient state reporters loyal to the Castro elite.

      • If you look at my post, I say “….a Holguin journalist fighting for the freedom to report the truth”, which is a laudable aim in any country. I have criticised some “independent journalists” in the past as being in the pay of US interests; this was based on information in the Cuban media itself, and reports in the Miami Herald, where US organisations have stated their financial support for such individuals, and these organisations are openly working for “regime change” in Cuba.

        • Indeed, fighting for freedom to report is a laudable aim. That is what independent journalists do. The fact that they are denied work in Cuba forces them to sell their work abroad and the repression the suffer makes them need assistance. As usual you are blaming the victims. If Cuba had a free press all journalists would be able to freely work in Cuba. The plain and simple truth is they report correctly what is happening and now an official journalist that wanted to do the same finds himself without a job (like the independent journalists) and persecuted (like the independent journalists). All he did was acknowledge that the economic and social situation in Cuba was so bad that another popular outburst / rising is in the cards. that, to the regime translates to “enemy propaganda”, the same crime the regime and you accuse the independent journalists.
          Again you show you are on the side of the oppressors of the Cuban people. The dissident movement doesn’t want “regime change” in Cuba. It wants an end to all undemocratic regimes and a democratic government. that I support. That you fear.

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