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The Revolution is Exactly That

The Revolution is Exactly That / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto Montaner

14ymedio, Carlos A. Montaner, Miami, 6 August 2016 – They are hungry in
. It is the revolution. It does not matter that it potentially
may be the richest country in the world. The same thing happened in 1921
in the newly debuted USSR. A million Russians died of hunger. Lenin
rejoiced. “The revolution and I are like that, madam.” They kept the
peasants from trading, and the Red confiscated , including the

It happened in . There were 20 million deaths. In that country
grieving also is multitudinous. It happened in Cambodia and North Korea,
where some desperate subjects resorted to cannibalism. It always
happens. In Cuba sixty thousand people lost their sight or mobility in
their lower limbs because of peripheral neuritis cause by malnutrition
after the end of the Soviet subsidy.

Castro protested against the US “blockade.” The Minister of , who
warned about what was happening, was removed from his post. The
Revolution is also about keeping your mouth shut. It was not the
. It was the Revolution. It is always the Revolution. They gave
the Nobel Prize in economics to the Bengali Amartya Sen for
demonstrating that famines invariably are caused by state interference.
Any of the victims of Communism could have explained to the Swedes with
equal clarity and without need of getting a doctorate from Cambridge.

Why do the Communists do it? Are they sadists? Are they stupid people
who commit the same errors time and again? Nothing of the sort. They are
revolutionaries bent on creating a new world based on the prescriptions
of Karl Marx.

Didn’t Karl Marx assert that the ruling oligarchy and state model were
the consequence of the regime of capitalist property? Didn’t he claim
that if a Communist vanguard were to take over the means of production
in the name of the proletariat that there would emerge a new society
ruled by new men endowed with a new morality?

It is a matter of priorities. Communist revolutionaries are not
interested in people living better or farms and factories producing
more. Those are the petty bourgeois stupidities typical of liberal
democracies which include the Social Democrat traitors, the Christian
Democrats and other minor species insistent on the babble of social

The two essential jobs of the Communist revolutionaries are, first, to
demolish the power structure of the “old regime” and to substitute their
own people for it; second, to take over the productive apparatus, ruin
businesses that they cannot manage and nationalize the rest in order to
deprive the old capitalist oligarchs of resources.

It is in these activities that Communist revolutionaries demonstrate if
they have succeeded or failed. That is the benchmark. Lenin and Stalin
succeeded, at least for several decades. Mao and the Castros succeeded.
succeeded … for now.

What does it matter to Maduro that there are skeletal children who faint
from hunger in or that the sick die for lack of medicine? His
definition of success has nothing to do with the feeding or health of
Venezuelans, but with that fevered and delirious little world they call,
pompously, the “consolidation of the revolutionary process.”

That explains the leniency in the face of immense theft of public
treasure or the complicity with drug traffickers. Welcome. Marx also
delivered the perfect alibi: They are in the first phase of capital
accumulation. In this period of regime change, like someone who sheds a
skin, anything goes.

And there will be time to re-establish honesty and to trust that the
centrally planned five-year plans will bring something like prosperity.
For now it’s about enriching the key revolutionaries: The Cabello
brothers and their nephews, the docile generals, the Bolibourgeois,
which is to say the revolutionaries in service to the cause. They have
to have full pockets in order to be useful.

Do you understand now why the Communist revolutionaries repeat time and
again the same framework of government? They are not mistaken. The
upheaval is part of the construction of the new State.

Do you understand why the Castros advise Maduro to follow the
unproductive Cuban model and why he doggedly obeys? What matters to the
Chavistas is keeping power and exchanging the government elites for
their own.

Do the Colombians understand what the guerrilla chief, Timochenko, means
to say when he promises to revolutionize Colombia when he comes to
power? Or Pablo Iglesias in when he asserts that he will use in
his country the same prescription that was recommended to the
Venezuelans? They are consistently destructive.

That is the Revolution. Exactly that. Nothing more and nothing less.

Translation by Mary Lou Keel

Source: The Revolution is Exactly That / 14ymedio, Carlos Alberto
Montaner – Translating Cuba –

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