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Guillermo Fariñas Returns Home After Hospital Visit For Fainting

Guillermo Fariñas Returns Home After Visit For Fainting / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 6 September 2016 — Cuban Guillermo Farinas,
after 47 days on a hunger and thirst strike, was transferred on Monday
afternoon to Arnaldo Milian Castro Provincial Hospital. The dissident
was discharged hours later because doctors felt that he did not meet the
“entry criteria for intensive care,” he told 14ymedio activist Jorge
Luis Artiles Montiel.

Sources close to Fariñas detailed that the intake occurred at 2:45 pm
after he lost consciousness at his home in the neighborhood of La
Chirusa. Hours earlier, the daily report on his issued by members
of the United Anti-Totalitarian Forum (FANTU), reported severe pain in
the “joints, knees, ankles and shoulders.”

The note also explains that Fariñas was experiencing “dizziness,
weakness and fatigue” and said his weight was 151 pounds, according to
Dr. Yorkis Rodriguez Cardenas.

The winner of the European Parliament’s Andrei Sakharov Prize for
of Thought is demanding that “publicly state that he
will put an end to the beatings of nonviolent opponents,” and that he
will schedule a meeting with a member of the Council of Ministers and
“representatives of the Cuban opposition,” to explain what the
government’s strategy will be “to end the beatings.”

A dozen Cuban dissidents have released a letter in which they call
themselves Fariñas’ “brothers in the struggle” and say they share his
demands. However, they also state that they need him alive to continue
with them “on this path” until they “achieve freedom.”

“We respect you and we are aware of your sacrifice, but we would ask you
to put an immediate end to your strike,” says a letter from dissidents
Félix Bonne, Eduardo Díaz Fleitas, José Daniel Ferrer, Iván Hernández
Carrillo, Ángel Moya, Félix Navarro, Arnaldo Ramos Lauzurique, Vladimiro
Roca, Martha and Berta Soler.

Since the beginning, Fariñas has reiterated that, in the event that
“Raul Castro will not yield to the demands” he will continue the hunger
and thirst strike “until the end.”

Source: Guillermo Fariñas Returns Home After Hospital Visit For Fainting
/ 14ymedio – Translating Cuba –

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