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On day 49 of hunger strike Cuban dissident says he’ll becomes martyr if demands aren’t met

On day 49 of hunger strike Cuban says he’ll becomes martyr if
demands aren’t met
Guillermo Franias wants growth of private sector
By Hatzel Vela – Reporter
Posted: 6:24 PM, September 07, 2016

SANTA CLARA, CUBA – The Cuban exile community continues to pay close
attention to Guillermo Franias, who is on day 49 of a hunger strike.

The internationally-known Cuban dissident received the Zakharov Prize
for in 2010 by the European Parliament.

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“The government is apparently a tactic to actually assassinate, kill
Guillermo Farinas,” Ramon Saul Sanchez said.

Sanchez said the Cuban government does not allow Farinas to stay in the
hospital as his deteriorates.

In an exclusive interview with Local 10 News from his home in Santa
Clara, Cuba, Farinas, 54, said he wants the Castro government to stop
repressing dissidents and entrepreneurs.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said he spoke to Farinas a few days ago and
stands with him.

Rubio also sent Barack Obama a letter urging him to get
involved in this case:

“I know you have met Mr. Farinas in the past. I would urge you to call
him now and express your support for his courageous acts…hear firsthand
his account of the deepening repression in Cuba…ask that you convey his
demands to the Castro regime,” Rubio’s letter read n part.

Farinas said the Cuban government is afraid of prosperity and the
growing private sector.

Since 2008, the Cuban government has made reforms and allowed more
private businesses, which evidence is evident of in Santa Clara.

But critics believe the process has been slow.

Farinas said two things can happen: either Castro accepts his demands or
he dies and becomes a martyr.

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