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Dismal end to Obama’s Cuba legacy

Dismal end to Obama’s Cuba legacy
The Castros’ ideological intolerance still reigns
By Jose R. Cardenas – – Tuesday, November 15, 2016

As the Obama administration enters its waning days, the ’s
“historic” decision to normalize relations with the Castro dictatorship
in Cuba is ending not with a bang, but a whimper.
Days after Speaker Paul Ryan declared he had no intention of considering
anti- legislation before the U.S. House of Representatives, the
administration petulantly ordered U.S. officials at the United Nations
to “abstain” for the first time from the General Assembly’s annual
embargo-bashing vote.
Think of it: a U.S. administration fails to defend its democratically
elected Congress before a reflexively anti-American global body
comprised largely of a gaggle of thugs, thieves and assorted other
despots whose sole reason for existence is to undermine the United
States of America and all it represents.
This is what Mr. Obama’s “historic” Cuba policy has come to.
By nearly every measure it set for itself, what the Obama administration
intended to accomplish with its reversal of decades of U.S. policy
toward Cuba has failed to occur. Supporting more private
entrepreneurship? The Castro regime recently cracked down on “allowing”
more Cubans to run their own businesses, a development Reuters called,
“a new sign that Cuba’s Communist-run government is hesitant to further
open up to private business in a country where it still controls most
economic activity.”
More Cuban connectivity to the ? Two years later, Cuba remains
one of least connected countries in the world. According to
House, “Cuba has long ranked as one of the world’s most repressive
environments for information and communication technologies. High
prices, exceptionally slow connectivity, and extensive government
regulation have resulted in a pronounced lack of access to applications
and services.”

Source: Dismal end to Obama’s Cuba legacy – Washington Times –

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