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Gov. Scott to Raul Castro – Bring Freedom and Democracy to Cuba

Gov. Scott to : Bring and Democracy to Cuba
By: FOX 13 News staff
POSTED:DEC 21 2016 11:09AM EST
UPDATED:DEC 21 2016 11:09AM EST

TALAHASSEE (FOX 13) – Governor Rick Scott sent a strongly-worded letter
Tuesday to Raul Castro urging him to bring absolute freedom and
democracy to Cuba.

In the correspondence, Governor Scott tells Cuba’s new leader, “You have
a tremendous and historic opportunity right in front of you. You can
take Cuba in one of two directions.”

Scott called Castro out for continuing his brother’s tyranny, bringing
up specific examples of people the younger Castro imprisoned in the wake
of his brother’s death.

The Florida governor appealed to religion, recalling that after Pope
Francis’ visit, Castro suggested he might return to church and begin to
pray again.

Governor Scott ended the letter with a moment of self-reflection and
hope, stating, “People will mock this letter and call it naïve. But,
for the sake of the Cuban people, I pray change will come.”

Read the letter in its entirety, in English, below:

Dear Mr. Castro:

As you know, following the death of your brother Fidel, the streets of
Miami were packed with people celebrating. The celebration represented
the hope for an end to the decades of torture, repression, incarceration
and death that you and your brother have caused the people of Cuba.

While many are hopeful for the future of Cuba, it is thus far clear that
nothing has changed. Let me be specific with a few examples: You
recently imprisoned the artist El Sexto for expressing his views
following the announcement of your brother’s death. It is reported
that he is in isolation without or clothing. Dr. Eduardo Cardet,
the National Coordinator for the “Movimiento Cristiano Liberación” (MCL)
was imprisoned. And, just a few days ago Berta Soler, the leader of the
Ladies in White, was detained.

Like your brother, you are known for firing squads and imprisonment of
those who oppose you. You have said that you plan on retiring in 2018,
but the leadership that you have picked to come after you is designed to
keep your oppression intact, and to keep your people trapped.

After Pope Francis’ trip to Cuba, you suggested that you may return to
the church and pray again.

My prayer for you and the Cuban people is that you listen to Pope
Francis and focus on bringing absolute freedom and democracy to Cuba. I
pray that you open Cuba to freedom of the press and religion; release
all political prisoners; provide unfettered access to the ;
allow ownership of land; provide reparations to those whose property was
confiscated; bring all Cuban military home and allow for free and fair
elections with international supervision.

You have a tremendous and historic opportunity right in front of you.
You can take Cuba in one of two directions.

You can allow a new era of freedom and opportunity for Cuba. This path
will almost overnight provide all Cubans with a dramatic improvement in
their quality of life at every level. The people of Florida and of the
entire United States are ready to help make your country an overnight
success with unprecedented levels of trade and capital .
Every human heart longs for freedom, and your people long for freedom.

Or, you can continue on the other path. This path is best characterized
by oppression, tyranny, wrongful imprisonment, torture, and murder.
This is the path that hates freedom, the path that does not trust every
man and woman to make their own decisions, the path that opposes all
those who honor and worship God.

And this is also the path of poverty, the path where the tyrants live
like kings while the people live like peasants. But, right in front of
you is the opportunity to embrace freedom and bring in a new era of
unprecedented prosperity for your people. I have no doubt that the
people of Florida stand ready to flood Cuba with prosperity.

No one thinks you will choose the way of freedom, the way of democracy,
the way of peace. People will mock this letter and call it naïve. But,
for the sake of the Cuban people, I pray change will come.


Rick Scott


Source: Gov. Scott to Raul Castro: Bring Freedom and Democracy to Cuba |
FOX 13 Tampa Bay –

2 Responses to Gov. Scott to Raul Castro – Bring Freedom and Democracy to Cuba

  • Let us hope that President Raul Castro treats this letter with the contempt that it deserves. It is an insult even in the salutation; why did Governor Scott not address it to “President Castro”? The critical test of the letter could have been written by any of the leaders of the vociferous exile community; a word of sympathy expressed to President Castro following the death of his brother would not have gone amiss; referring to the howling mobs of Miami is hardly likely to stimulate improved relations.

    Governor Scott promises an “overnight improvement in Cuba’s quality of life” with assistance from the USA and the exiles and the Florida community. Now is the time to make good on those promises; no more delaying tactics and excuses from the USA.

    • Let us hope that Raul Castro allows more freedom in Cuba. Scott was right not the acknowledge him as a legitimate president by the way: the elections on which his elevation to power within the Castro dynasty came about are condemned – even by the UN – as not free and fair. Raul Castro does not represent the Cuban people, only the Stalinist elite that controls the regime. he is a dictator, just like his brother.
      I am sure governor Scott dearly wants that improvement in the quality of life of Cubans. The critical test is whether Raul Castro will allow that by abandoning power or at least reduce the dictatorial rule that has destroyed and impoverished Cuba.
      Raul himself admitted the regime is responsible for the lack of food in Cuba.

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