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Cuba “Revolutionary Integration” As A Form Of Social Control

Cuba: “Revolutionary Integration” As A Form Of Social Control / Cubalex

Cubalex, 2 March 2017 – It is common for people living in Cuba, once
they start at about six and pass from one educational level to
another, to join social and mass organizations. First, in elementary
school, the Pioneers, and then, at age 14, the social and mass
organization and later the student organizations.

Once they start their working life they join the country’s only union,
and the organization for their professional sector. Most do not have any
assigned function, but they pay their dues.

The rule is that everyone is integrated into several of the social and
mass organizations — all of them the only ones of their kind in the
country — according to their educational level, their professional
sector or specific interests. Their lives, social and work, and that of
their families depend on this integration and on participating in
patriotic, political and military activities.

“Revolutionary integration” violates of association, which
includes the right not to be forced to join an organization. It is a
requirement to obtain a degree, to get a job, or to ascend in
the workplace, where one also is required to be integrated into
political organizations.

State institutions, including schools, demand and verify your
membership. Sometimes directly, others through a business subordinate to
the Ministry of the Interior. Security and Protection, or the organs of
criminal investigation, coordiante with the social and mass organizations.

For example, the administration of the Committees for the Defense of the
Revolution (), when a case is being investigated, provide private and
intimate information and opinions, in many cases personal and
subjective, that are later used by the prosecutor.

In the sentences of the courts, in addition to the personal data, it is
taken into account whether the accused person participates in activities
“targeted or programmed by mass organizations” or whether the person
publicly expresses disagreement with socialist principles. This
determines whether he is good or bad person.

“Revolutionary integration” is the mechanism of social control that
allows the political group in power to establish systems of rewards and
punishments. People who do not join these organizations for religious
reasons, or who publicly express their political opinions, are condemned
to work immobility, isolation and social discrimination.

Source: Cuba: “Revolutionary Integration” As A Form Of Social Control /
Cubalex – Translating Cuba –

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