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The Student Body Will Never Accept The Counterrevolution

“The Student Body Will Never Accept The Counterrevolution”

14ymedio, Havana, 15 April 2017 — A statement signed by the Council of
the Student Federation (FEU) of ‘Marta Abreu’ Central
University of Las Villas ratified the expulsion of student Karla Pérez
González from the journalism department. “The university students will
never accept the counterrevolution within our universities,” says the
text published Friday.

The statement came to light in the midst of a flood of criticism over
the expulsion of an 18-year-old student who is accused of having
contacts with the Somos+ (We Are More) Movement and publishing on
digital sites critical of the government. “In our universities
professionals must be trained who are ever more competent and committed
to the Revolution,” argues the FEU.

The statement dusted off the “Words to the Intellectuals” – delivered by
in June of 1961 in the National Library and which have
served as the basis for the government’s cultural policy – and said that
the student “acknowledges being a member of an and
counterrevolutionary organization, contrary the principles, objectives
and values of the Cuban Revolution.”

“Within the Revolution, everything; against the Revolution, nothing.
Because the Revolution also has its rights; and the first right of the
Revolution is the right to exist. And no one can stand against the right
of the Revolution to be and to exist,” writes the FEU, quoting Fidel’s

The statement ends with a “Revolutionarily” and does not include the
names of the members of the FEU Council that initial it

Perez Gonzalez told this newspaper about the sequence of meetings that
led to her expulsion. “I was also accused of manipulating my friends and
having a strategy from the beginning of the course to subvert the young.”

The statement from the Federation lists two main points of the
organization’s actions, controlled for decades by the ruling party. “The
defense of our José Marti inspired, Marxist-Leninist, socialist and
anti-imperialist process will always be the first task of university
students,” and “every brigade will be an impregnable stronghold against
any enemy of the work that we Cubans raise our flag for.”

The statement ends with a “Revolutionarily” and does not include the
names of the members of the FEU Council that drew it up.

Pérez González plans to “write a letter to the Minister of and
to denounce what happened to organizations that watch over Human
Rights,” to denounce her expulsion.

Source: “The Student Body Will Never Accept The Counterrevolution” –
Translating Cuba –

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