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Cuba should disavow socialist partner

Cuba should disavow socialist partner
Published: February 21, 2014

The Cuban government could dramatically bolster the case for ending the
United States’ embargo if it would pressure Venezuelan President Nicolas
Maduro to adopt democratic reforms — if not resign.

We know that is unlikely. Venezuela’s oppressive regime, after all, was
inspired by Fidel Castro. Cuba is dependent on Venezuelan oil.… Continue reading

An Old Method

An Old Method / Fernando Damaso
Posted on February 20, 2014

In relation to the ongoing tense situation in Venezuela, the Cuban
government and its Government Organisations unceasingly make
declarations of support and solidarity with the government and the
people of that country, bundling them up together, as if those who are
protesting and joining in demonstrations are not a… Continue reading

The Cuban Model versus a Burgeoning Opposition in Venezuela

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Cuban Model versus a Burgeoning Opposition in Venezuela
By Jerry Brewer

Much like the frustrations faced by citizens of Cuba opposing and
wanting to unseat the oppressive Castro regime in their homeland,
Venezuelans went much further last week in a bold and aggressive display
of unity to demonstrate their desire for immediate change.

Unlike most… Continue reading

What do Cubans Hope For in the New Year?

What do Cubans Hope For in the New Year? / Ivan Garcia
Posted on December 22, 2013

December is a month of epilogues. 2013 brought new things for Cubans.
After the 14th of January, those born on the island could travel abroad
without so much government oversight.

Even the dissidents. Although with exceptions. Opponents, hostages of
the Black Spring of… Continue reading

Journalist – Fidel Castro in ‘excellent health,’

Posted on Monday, 12.16.13

Journalist: Fidel Castro in ‘excellent health,’

HAVANA — Fidel Castro was healthy and alert while speaking with a
Spanish reporter about current events for 2 ½ hours last week, the
journalist told The Associated Press Monday.

A photo of the discussion appeared in official media Monday after… Continue reading

Cuba, Venezuela and Drug Trafficking: Waging the Anti-USA ‘New Cold War’

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cuba, Venezuela and Drug Trafficking: Waging the Anti-USA ‘New Cold War’
By Jerry Brewer

As in the game of chess, calculated positional play allows complex
strategic plans to sometimes reach fruition through tactics and moves
that set up threats and defenses. Position, control, and dynamic
imbalances set the stage for desired results, along with sacrifices that… Continue reading

The Debilitating Legacy of Fidel – A Report from Havana

The Debilitating Legacy of Fidel: A Report from Havana
By William Ratliff on Nov 16, 2013 | In Foreign Policy, Politics

Having travelled extensively to Cuba, Vietnam and China, Mr. Ratliff
compares the cultural and institutional factors of Cuba to other nations
as a guidepost of what lies ahead for the people of Cuba.

Is Raúl Castro simply a clone… Continue reading

Cuba as a Member of the UN Human Rights Council Should Not be News

Cuba as a Member of the UN Human Rights Council Should Not be News /
Miriam Leiva
Posted on November 15, 2013

MADRID, Spain November That the Cuban government was
elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council has made headlines
these days. However, it should not be news, because the first 47 members
joined the organization established in… Continue reading

Civil Disobedience Cuban Style

Civil Disobedience Cuban Style / Ivan Garcia
Posted on November 2, 2013

In Cuba people seldom go to extremes. Here you will not find a Mohamed
Bouazizi ready to turn himself into a human bonfire in front of the
Ministry of Housing to protest excessive taxes.

There are, however, a lot of Bouazizis around. Their way of rebelling is
different.… Continue reading

An Assault on Freedom of Expression in Cuba

An Assault on Freedom of Expression in Cuba
October 26, 2013
Luis Miguel del Bahia

HAVANA TIMES — Two weeks ago, I saw something I’d never seen before:
around eight men in Havana’s Parque Central, yelling “freedom” and “down
with the dictatorship” while holding up cardboard signs bearing their

A large crowd of Cubans and foreigners (some holding cameras)… Continue reading

Cuba, Venezuela slammed on press freedoms

Cuba, Venezuela slammed on press freedoms

Venezuelan journalists and a dissident Cuban blogger denounced press
censorship and other forms of media control by their countries’ leftist
governments, at a conference here Sunday.

Speaking on the second day of a meeting of the Inter-American Press
Association, award-winning Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez said Cuban
President Raul Castro in the past year has… Continue reading

Construyen edificios para médicos que atendieron a Hugo Chávez

Construyen edificios para médicos que atendieron a Hugo Chávez

Cuba noticias, San Miguel del Padrón, La Habana, (PD) Según una fuente
de información que pidió a esta reportera que no mencionara su nombre,
en el exclusivo reparto Flores, del municipio capitalino Playa, se
construyen dos edificios que están… Continue reading

Cuba’s Medical Missions in Venezuela – Hotspot for Corruption

Cuba’s Medical Missions in Venezuela: Hotspot for Corruption
October 1, 2013
Uberto Mario* (Cafe Fuerte)

HAVANA TIMES — In the course of my five years in Venezuela, I undertook
several journalistic investigations which allowed me to trail numerous
criminals who, hiding behind their embroidered guayabera shirts and
medical gowns, carried out all manner of illegal actions and turned
Cuba’s internationalist… Continue reading

Deadly Serious, the Cuban Spy Game lives on in the Americas

Deadly Serious, the Cuban Spy Game lives on in the Americas
By Jerry Brewer
Monday, September 23, 2013

If rhetoric alone was the official doctrine of world political
institutions, both of the Cuban brothers that have dominated Cuban
misery with iron fisted rule for 54 years, with influence and
persuasion, would be kings.

As well, besides the deception and the… Continue reading

About the Family

About the Family / Cuban Law Association, Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez
Posted on September 20, 2013
Lic. Rodrigo Chávez Rodríguez

The great majority of Cuban families are not illiterate but they don’t
know that there is a Family Code. They may also be oblivious to the fact
that in the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba (which definitely needs
to be… Continue reading

Revolutionary Prostitutes

Revolutionary Prostitutes. Prostitution In Cuba, Part 2 / Miriam Celaya
Posted on September 15, 2013

No social phenomenon arises suddenly or by spontaneous generation,
rather it is the result of a long process of the accumulation of
essential components. The rise of prostitution in “Socialist Cuba” is no
exception. In fact, prostitution was not eliminated by policies dictated
by the… Continue reading

Should We Help End Cuba’s ‘Special Period’?

Should We Help End Cuba’s ‘Special Period’?
Posted September 12, 2013 By Janet Tavakoli

What is it like to live in a country where the government has been
accused of torture, fickle application of the law to imprison citizens,
unfair courts, repression of journalists, and a huge prison system? I’m
not talking about the United States—in case you thought I… Continue reading

Reforms in Cuba: The Last Utopia?

Reforms in Cuba: The Last Utopia?
September 2, 2013
Emilio Morales* (Cafe Fuerte)

HAVANA TIMES – When Raul Castro initiated reforms aimed at transforming
the Cuban economic model, Cuban and foreign experts hoped that they were
finally glimpsing a change on the horizon following more than five
decades of mistaken policies.

However, despite having further reach than those changes effected… Continue reading

La estructura económica cubana desalienta la iniciativa

Publicado el domingo, 09.01.13

La estructura económica cubana desalienta la iniciativa

Los cambios a los que Cuba ha estado sujeta por más de medio siglo han
sido tan radicales y con frecuencia traumáticos que alcanzaron a
modificar la población, los hábitos sociales, los paisajes, la economía
y la concordia entre los cubanos, a tal punto que… Continue reading

U.N. agency may sponsor “modern-day slavery”

Posted on Wednesday, 08.28.13

U.N. agency may sponsor “modern-day slavery”

The United Nations Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is doing
great things in Latin America, but I wonder whether its latest role as a
middleman to help place 4,000 Cuban doctors in remote areas of Brazil
does not amount to sponsoring slavery.

Under a deal between… Continue reading

Understanding Another Reality

Understanding Another Reality / Fernando Damaso
Posted on August 14, 2013

Cuba’s state-run press has been commenting on the protests by students
in Chile and their demands for free education. Not surprisingly, it has
used these protests to generate propaganda extolling the benefits of
Cuba’s own form of free education. I have no intention of reiterating
the well-known and long-standing… Continue reading

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