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Human rights violations in Cuba create despair

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The Cuban regime daily violates the human rights of the Cuban people. It has created a restrictive constitution and abusive laws that create the framework of repression and totalitarian control in Cuba. This system controls all aspects of the daily lives of Cubans and thereby hold excessive power over their lives which it uses to maintain its grip on power. Records kept by the CDR, schools, local authorities, employers, .... create a complete file on the citizens that the system can use to pressure anyone at any time. As work, education, housing, .. even access to food through the rationing system that has been in place for more than 40 years are controlled by the regime, it can pressure people in to outward acceptance of the regime. The need of Fidel Castro to maintain such a system (set up with the help of the East German Stasi) actually shows that the support the regime claims to have is actually non-existent. A free and democratic system supported by its people does not need to repress freedom of speech and deny human rights to the citizens. It does not need to kill those hat try to leave (see "13 de Marzo").

This injustice is compounded by the preferential treatment foreigners enjoy in Cuba. The regime has set up a true system of "apartheid" reserving areas for tourist and prohibiting Cuban access to tourist installations (hotels, restaurants, bars), medical facilities and information sources. Cubans today are second class citizens in their own country.

This was not the aim of the anti-Batista revolution, to the contrary. Cuba has come full circle under the dictator that succeeded Batista, under the dictator that also allied himself with the communists in Cuba.

Cubans are entitled to the respect of their human rights. I hope to create some awareness to which extent they are violated.

I hope you find this site useful.

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